corey grant

a stoney creek guy, apparently not on riders roster on site. minimal gamble, proven performer, a little old but so was tony miles and CG has 2 rings that he brings to the table. character comin out the ying yang on this guy. anyone heard if he retired quietly or was released? i'd definitely look into it if i were bobert but i'm not, but can he take a roster spot from the guys they already have-probably.





8) An emphatic NO !!!

Non merci.

We released the same player as Grant in Woodcock.

He's playing QB in a touch football league in Niagara Falls.

Pretty sure, the people already stated me answer.
The case is beed Pled

I'm sorry, but what does beed pled mean?

Grant still has the goods. I never understood why the Riders didn't thrown the ball his way more last year.
He's a very talented non-import.