Corey Grant A Ticat Once Again

Drew Edwards is reporting that the 'Cats have added receiver Corey Grant to the roster and that he was at practice today. Guess they want veteran experience as opposed to developing some young talent like Cassidy Doneff.

Wow… somebody updated his wikipedia page already even though the google page hasn’t changed.

Practice Roster Guy . No had no Number today

Signing Stala was seen as "desperate" by some and he's so far exceeded all expectations. Maybe lightning will strike twice in another salvage project. A little more local flavour never hurt .

His Brother work for Ticat Marking Dept.

Oh joy.

I suspect that's true. Not sure why we need him on the PR either though. You can only have so many there.

Corey Grant's hiring would indicate that management still isn't completely pleased with their pass receivers.
Bauman comes to my mind. This guy has loads of potential and yet, in my mind, his play during camp and in the pre season games was very lethargic.

My recollection of Corey Grant is that he went through a learning curve in Hamilton, but whether learning or
playing after he mastered the system, (both here and out west) he played with a lot of heart.

I am not saying that the team will dump Bauman for Grant, but only that the possibility may exist.

Well obviously he’s going to start on the practice roster. His signing is one big kick in the pants for Bauman. Stala will be the NI starting receiver. Chris needs to show more or this will be his last year in Hamilton.

Can Grant really add to this offense?

I think Stala and Grant will offer you the same thing. I also don't know why we cut Woodcock or French last year because I think these 4 receivers are all very similar.

Maybe Grant signed to see if he still has it and if not, he can retire as a Ticat.

If anything this explains why Doeneff (sp?) was let go.

I think this is more about bringing in another Non-Import if they run into ratio issues or injuries.

There was an earlier post about the impression Toeaina (sp) had made. If they want to play him and Goodspeed, they need more Canadians who can play on offense.

Cats Add Wr Corey Grant out of Stony Creek good player looking forward to see what he can do

I kind of figured something was up when they released Doneff, glad to have another experienced N/I WR to go with Bauman and Stala :thup:

I agree that Bauman has not stepped up. He looks afraid going across the middle. Hears the footsteps, afraid to get hit.
I always liked Corey. Hope he can contribute.

8) They could have signed Cory Grant anytime during the off season and chose not to. So now all of a sudden they sign him, which begs to ask the question, why now ????
  Obviously the Cdn. receivers they signed and recruited, or (scouted) are just not good enough  !!!

  Desperate times ???        <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

No, they wanted to give a rookie canadian receiver a shot at the job before thinking of calling Grant and Doneff obviously didn't pan out to well and was released to bring in Grant. No big conspiracy there.

8) Well the truth is that the Cdn receivers they signed were simply not good enough to make this team !!
   So we end up signing a guy who is 32 yrs. old who they could have even signed last year as a free agent !!!  

   So much for the theory of a rebuilding programme with youth !!!

   Not that I have anything against Cory Grant, but they could have had him back here on many other occassions, but chose not to, until now  !!!          <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

So random signing the guy now....he missed training camp.....

We were testing Doneff, and in case you didn't notice, for almost all of the training camp our roster was maxed out. We had to release a player every couple days that we were sure wouldn't make it to slot in 1 more player that might be able too. They were likely hoping that Doneff would be able to bring his talents to the next level in the CFL and when all of the players got released they could bring in Grant onto a heavily emptied roster to have 4 good N/I receivers. Unfortunately, Doneff didn't pan out but we took Grant anyways. WR was packed during camp, OL was packed during camp, DL was packed during camp, LB was packed, DB was packed. All places where we could improve, and if we didn't need to waste a TC spot on Grant then why do so? I mean the guys seen how many of em already and he has been on this team before.

You guys just picked up one heck of a receiver, we should have kept him here in Riderville, but with such depth @ the outside, it’s hard to see where will fit him in, good luck this season! :rockin: