Corey Chamblin to the Argos

Third Down nation is reporting Corey Chambin is the new Head Coach for the Blue team.

Doesn’t improve TOR one iota.

Well, virtually no one would be an improvement on Trestman. But they decided they didn’t want one of the most successful CFL head coaches of the past decade, so anyone else would be a step down.

Did it ever come out why Chamblin had to leave town last year after winning a Grey Cup? Turns out it wasn’t a bad career move, assuming his goal was to replace his old boss.

Things didn’t go as well for Condell after pulling a similar move in Hamilton, and still waiting for his own HC chance three years later.

LOL. Yup , uh huh and good luck with that Toronto . You just hired yourself a world class narcissist as yer new HC . I hope you have a lot of mirrors kicking around BMO because Chamblin hasn’t seen a mirror yet that he didn’t stop in front of to admire himself in . Oh well what are ya going to do ? This is what you come up with when you go dumpster diving I guess . ;D

Maybe not but they’ll probably be at the GC gates before us, unfortunately!

Stop beating around the bush. Just come right out and say what you really think. LOL

LOL. I heard that Toronto has gone out and gotten themselves an extra large team bus so Chuckles will have lots of room when he starts throwing players underneath it . ;D

Chamblin might not work out for the Argos until we see what trick up his sleeve does Popp have for the next Argo QB? Popp had success with Trestman both times while employing aging but stellar QBs. Once Calvillo dropped out of Montreal then Popp was lost and started the QB carousel. That pattern seems to be repeating now in Toronto. Neither of Ray’s two backups seemed qualified for prime time

Chamblin and Duron Carter is an interesting dynamic.

Ricky Ray sitting there pondering his future just leaned another 10% towards retirement you would think.

Not having a real QB doomed Trestmans season. Don’t see how Chamblin changes much.

Have to think Toronto ready to jump in hard on Reilly, team needs to generate interest and win some games.

LOL . Maybe he talks with his old buddy Durant and lures him out of retirement . ;D ::slight_smile:

I’m sure Double-D would sign a contract if the up-front bonus is lucrative enough. Whether he actually shows up to training camp is another matter entirely.

No one’s talking about this, but since someone else in this thread speculated that Toronto might go after Reilly to be Chamblin’s QB, does anyone think Reilly has a shot at the NFL instead? (like Bo Levi is currently doing).

Some of the QB’s playing in the NFL yesterday were brutal. IMO, there is a real lack of talent at that position in the NFL right now.

Didn’t do a thing last time. Or the time before that. Or the time before that.