Corey Chamblin to be named Riders new HC.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have looked East to find their new head coach.

The club has called a news conference for Thursday afternoon, where they will announce that Corey Chamblin will take over for the recently-retired Ken Miller.

The 34-year-old Chamblin was the Hamilton Tiger-Cats' defensive co-ordinator last season. He was a defensive backs coach in Calgary from 2008-10 and had the same job in Winnipeg during the 2007 season.

Chamblin has five years of CFL coaching experience.

The Roughriders are coming off a 5-13 campaign in which they missed the playoffs. In 2009 and 2010, Saskatchewan made consecutive Grey Cup appearances, narrowly losing both times to the Montreal Alouettes.

And in case anyone is wondering again if this is cflisthebest's writing or not, once again he's quoting an article without providing the link. Here's the link:

It's usually pretty easy to tell the difference between CitB's writing and quotes from articles. Personal attacks aren't permitted on this board, so I won't explain why it's so easy, though.

Perhaps cflisthebest is not familiar with the link thing; at the top of the screen in the address bar: left click with the mouse (should be highlighted), then right click; click copy, thus in the post on the said topic; right click and paste and the link appears.

On that note; I wish good things are ahead in Regina next season on their choice for Head Coach Corey Chamblin.

Yes it easy to tell, I agree PiCat. .. I just wanted to post the link so he wouldn't be subjected to any personal attacks. .. and I recall not long ago someone was taking him to task for posting an article without crediting the source.

Hopefully this means we can get Greg Marshall back as defensive coordinator....

Yes and we get MB back as OC?

Hooray for another losing season in Saskatchewan.

Hopefully this means we can get Greg Marshall back as defensive coordinator....


I dont really get this choice personally. There seems to be better guys available still. If they wanted a DC from the east why not go for the best one and get Tim Burke as he has put up some very strong defenses in Montreal and Winnipeg the past few years. He also is more experienced and had the best stats going for him this year. Really bizzare choice IMO especially when you look at how badly Hamilton's D got torched in both their playoff games this year

I'm not complaining!

lol @ Sask going for their second choice.

So how many games before he joins Marshall? :smiley:

Neither am I, lol.

But in all honesty, nobody with any prominence is going to coach in Saskatchewan when they have an regressing (aging) team, lame duck GM, whacky front office, poor treatment of the previous coach and you're clearly their second choice. Good luck Chamblin, you'll need it.

Wow, the Riders spelled his name wrong. This is off to a great start..

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If all you folks are suggesting he was second choice to Kent Austin - that is absurd because Kent never really put himself up as a candidate anyway. I am as surprised as anyone by this selection but I am pleased by somethings:

  1. He has never had anything to do with the Rider organization prior to his signing.
  2. He is young.
  3. He is not Richie Hall.
    I also think he can step in to this position with a lot of momentum - he has a locker room full of players that want to prove that last year was an aberration and want to play in the GC before a home crowd in 2013.
    Good Luck Cory - show us what you got.

After listening to the press conference I am excited for this guy.

He apparently stood out in last year's interview process, but Taman was vetoed, this year he stood out again so Taman grabbed him.
Yes he may not have been the best DC, doesn't mean he won't be the best HC. I like that he is young, has experience in multiple leagues on multiple teams and has tutoured under some very good coaches. He gave Huffnagel, Atl Falcons coach Mike Smith, and Steelers coach Mike Tomlin as big influences. Three great names. Apparently Tomlin himself called Taman last year during the interview process to give Chamblin a recommendation. And it was while the Steelers were in the playoffs.

Good luck Corey, you are going to need it.

You know what....I'm just going to start this now rather than later....
"Who will the new GM and HC be for 2013 and what kind of compensation did Hopson get upon being terminated?"
There...I'll copy and paste this next November.

So what you're saying is that he wasn't really successful at coaching ONE squad on a football team so he should be able to run a whole team? I'm sure that's what Taman is thinking as well! :roll:

wow forever the pessimist hey Sparky? :roll:

just so you know, he was also a coach with the Calgary Stampeders and was very successful there.

he's got a lot going for him and MAYBE you should give the guy a chance. Hell we haven't even ended 2011 yet, give it a rest....

you should be ashamed!