Corey Chamblin next coach of the Riders?

Sources tell that Taman is eyeing Hamilton defensive co-ordinator Corey Chamblin, who has never been a head coach in the CFL. Chamblin's situation could be predicated on what happens with the Ticats in the playoffs and beyond.

There have been rumbles from Steeltown that if the Ticats don't beat the Alouettes Sunday in the Eastern Semi-Final, Bellefeuille will be fired. He has a losing record in 3.5 seasons and the team has regressed

Logically, then, the Ticats would have to decide whether or not to keep Chamblin if they fire Bellefeuille. Either way it appears he's in a good situation going forward.

Could be lots of changes coming our way next year.

If the quote is from Lefko then take it with a grain of salt.

So the Riders fire Marshall after a losing streak and then bring back the old coach to get them winning again.
No change with the new coach he didn't get them back on track, so it was obvious that coaching wasn't the problem.
Why wouldn't they re-instate Marshall, give him an apology? Clean house and give him some new players.

So do we bring back Marshall if Chamblin leaves? :?

Or do we put Brad Miller in the DC role?

I like that idea, and if Bellefeuille gets fired, hire Chamblin as HC.


Aside from people on this forum saying it, what rumblings have their been that Bellefeuille will be fired? You can't take Lefko seriously. He's a columnist, not a reporter. The idea that Chamblin is a candidate (and maybe even the front runner) is no secret. Only a complete idiot wouldn't be able to surmise that.

Not gonna happen ... go back to sniffing paint.

So then the Riders would lure our DC away for the 2nd year in a row. The first time with Marshall didn't work out so well and he has decades of coaching experience. I think Chamblin has a good work ethic and attitude but he doesn't have the experience to run an entire football operation. The Riders would again play very disjointed as Chamblin learns the tricks of the trade. Just look at the roller coaster of a ride our defense has had this year. Chamblin should be an assistant or co-ordinater for a few more years under the tutelage of some good head coaches and managers. Then by all means promote him.

I wouldn't say the coaching change didn't help the Riders, they went from 1-7, to 4-6 on the last half of the season. You could argue if they start the season so poorly they were only 3 wins out of a playoff spot if one of those wins came against a division rival, like the last game in Edmonton where we came close playing most of our backups and young guns against their top players. Not saying Marshall was a bad coach, he just wasn't the right coach for the Riders. I don't know if Chamblin would be a good coach, I don't know anything about him. I think they should be looking at a guy like Dave Dickenson to bring over and try him out.

They'd become pretty good jugglers under Chamblin's watch.

I'd feel a little better about losing our coordinators if it were a reward for a job well done. e.g. You have the #1 or #2 ranked defence for a couple of years, and inevitably that coordinator moves on to bigger and better things. Instead, we keep getting set back by changes, while presumably the top teams remain more stable.