Corey Chamblin new Ticats DC

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Not sure if I like the idea of two new coordinators on our staff but Chamblin became a very wanted man quickly so that can only mean good.Joe Womack is another unheard of, but apparently he brought some big names to SSK so here's hoping that he can help Obie take us to the next level for 2011.

Womack is unheard of by you, not necessarily anyone else. He was up for the GM job in Saskatchewan. From what I understand from Rider fans he wasn't too happy to be passed over for it.

Good news, sounds like a brilliant signing and I bet it's because Obie will be retiring next year and they're grooming a replacement.

You know.. they announced womack so that one ill say is a good move.. chamblin tho, not yet.. same with hall in sask.. no announcements made yet.. heck sportsnet was the originall source on both chamblin and hall reports.. im not gonna beleive either until the teams actually come out and name them.

I mean geesh, according to sportsnet and others, hall was signed by sask a week ago, still no announcement.. Id wait for an announcement from the team b4 posting some of this...

WOMACK tho, they had a press conference, he is indeed in hamilton now. Thats really all ill beleive at the moment. He signed with the ticats.. Chamblin to hamilton tho and Hall to sask are both right now.. unconfirmed rumors.

I don’t trust Sportsnet either, unless the rumors come from Evanka Osmak or Martine Gaillard. :wink:
But Drew Edwards is pretty reliable, and he said the Ti-Cats should announce Chamblin tommorrow. I have no idea what’s going on with Hall though.

:thup: :thup: :thup: for Martine. :P

The official release:

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Notable changes:

Brad Miller no longer DB coach, instead he replaces Dave Easley as ST coord., Greg Marshall as Asst. HC, and takes on a new role as LB coach.
Chamblin will be the DC and DB coach

well this just means more likely that Richie Hall is headed back to Saskatchewan..

Greg Marshall?

He means that last season Dave Easley was ST coordinator and Greg Marshall was Assistant HC/DC and Miller will hold those titles now.