Corey Chamblin Head Coach

Can't say I saw this one coming.

That's great news for Corey Chamblin being hired as the new Head Coach for the Roughriders. I hope for a better season in Regina for 2012; I look forward to the rivalry with Edmonton and also the West Div. as a whole.

Is this a good signing? It will be interesting to see who his assistants will be.

I think it’s funny that it didn’t even get top news on TSN’s CFL page. Ricky is still in top spot with the new Rider HC story on the sidebar! All in all tho, my reaction?..Meh, whatever!

As was always was Chamblin's job to lose...Tanam wanted to hire him last season and got over ridden. I don't know if I agree with this, but a GM is going to typically hire someone they know well over a person who interviews well. It is a close working relationship, and even Tillman has said it...he hires people he knows. I hope he pans out well, but have some fears on this one.

On the plus side, it's a can't lose situation from my perspective...either

  1. He does great, therefore the Riders do great and I'm happy, or
  2. He sucks, Taman gets his butt fired, and I'm extremely happy.

For the record, I don't hold out much hope.

the Winnipeg connection stikes again.
hope that they win here

Not sure it was my preference but I get behind whoever it is. He's a Rider now; therefore, he is our man.

I agree.

Not likely my first choice, but you hire based on relationships and chemistry. It was the same reason Tillman always said he let Danny go...always said he was a great football mind, they simply did not all

Now that I've heard the guy speak and I know more about his coaching background, I like this hire because we have a young, energetic, enthusiastic guy who I think can build/rebuild this team for the future. He deserves a fair chance to show us what he can do with our coaches and players, and I'm prepared to give him that chance. I like his communication skills and the fact that he has mentored under some pretty good coaches in the CFL and NFL. It may not hurt either that he has some access and connections down south to playing talent. Now the key is to see who he brings in for coaches.

What hasn't been said is the pressureto hire was mounting. Toronto acting fast, then BC. If Taman waited and lost his guy to the Ti-cats then accusations would have been fast and furious.

Whats not being said is this guy was very likely a top candidate for Hamilton, maybe the top pick. And he chose to come here, pickup and leave and come here.

I was beginning to think the traction was with Dave Dickenson? I think an ex-QB would have fit really nicely with Darian's progression.

The last poster was bang-on. He's got connections around CFL/NFL and we wait and see. But I like the energy empphasis he talks about and that the players need to have fun. So let's wait and see who he brings but I think a fresh overall is not a bad thing?

I'm onboard. He's hired. He's our dude. He's young. He's inexperienced................let him him get to work and get some coaches. get some pending FA's resigned - Andy, Jerrell and Tristan.

forget about Andy.

he's not coming back here, or anyone else with the money he's asking for.

I agree, and that is why I thought it was stupid they got rid of the option. It was said that by signing options to players that it was like a free ticket to try out for the NFL during their option. I never understood this, because if they tried out and got cut and came back to the CFL an option does not equal a contract nor a guarantee of playing…it just meant the CFL club he was with had the opportunity to sign him on or they could waive him into FA. Now, w/o the option around players will go south, try out, and if they get cut will come back as FA. Does the league really think that not having an “option” extension that it will sway a players choice/desire to give the NFL a crack? If anything it improves the likelihood, because now they come back and can play the open market and get more money from a club that sees them as a player that can fill a void mid-season.

I realize Andy is coming out of his option so this is not applicable, but we are going to start seeing this as a trend. It gives the player a lot more power

I have not seen the speech...any one got a link? Google is waaaaaaaaaaaay over there >>>>>>

Torn on this decision! I like what I see in Chamblin…but it doesn’t seem he’s had much experience as being a “top dog”…but then again his buddy Tomlin got the same argument before he became NFL Head Coach. And what was said about Mr>K Austin when Tillman brought him in.
If Taman lets him coach, gives him some good players to work with…keeps his “snotty little attitude” out of the day to day operations, we might just have a chance…HOWEVER…if Taman goes back to giving all his old buddies jobs, plays devious contracting games with the players…and basically did what he did in Wpg to kill that team…we are lost!!
Having said that I do like the concept and the theory stated behind Chamblin…besides he might have been the cheapest option. However, watching the video I get good vibes.

what I am interested in is to see who his coordinators are going to be as the HC has to surround himself with good people that he can work with.
protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of god in theirs

I don't think anyone they were really looking at had a pile of HC experience. I am glad they did not bite on regurgitated coaching material

Let’s see how Taman handles this …

Marshall gets fired, Taman publicly admits he wanted someone else (Chamblin) all along. (class move :thup:)

Taman needs to hire a new coach at season’s end, but now Chamblin KNOWS he’s at the top of the list, which gives him very good bargaining power. (smart negotiating :thup:)

Taman then waits 2 weeks to see if Kent Austin will be available, so now Chamblin knows that he is NOT the first choice, putting him in the same position as Marshall was last year. (instilling confidence :thup:)

So can Chamblin now look forward to being 2-7 at Labour Day and getting fired just like Marshall because Taman couldn’t/wouldn’t get him a rush and and a couple DBs?

prairiedog, I can concur with most of your post.

But not so sure about this:

Permit me to suggest another possible scenario here.

Chamblin WAS Taman's first choice all along. But, when the news came out that Hamilton was interested in signing Austin, Taman just had to get into that game, because the optics of Austin returning to the CFL somewhere other than Regina would be so bad for him. Had Hamilton not made a play for Austin, he wouldn't have bothered waiting the two weeks to hire his guy. But once the news about Hamilton leaked he figured he'd better cover his behind by at least going through the motions of trying to sign Austin.

Plausible? I think so.

Wouldn't bet my life savings on it, though.

Well, we will see, if the Riders are 2-7 at Labour Day and Taman fires Chamblin, will he say, "Well, I wanted Kent Austin anyways." ?

This may sound facetious, but it is EXACTLY how he handled the Marshall firing.

Just for the record, in my opinion, I don't think Taman is a rotten guy, I honestly think he is just not professional enough to know how to handle these things. There are certain things that you just should NOT say, no matter how true they may be.

Just like how he botched the Richard Karikari deal back in '06. He announced one evening, personally to the media that he had agreement in principle with Karikari (FA safety of Montreal) and that he would be signing in the morning. Then the fax never came back. The next morning, Karkari resigned with the Als. Egg on face, Bomber nation furious. All he had to do was shut his mouth.

He still hasn't learned.