Corey Chamblin Announced as new Sask HC

The Roughriders are expected to announced Corey Chamblin as their new head coach at a news conference this afternoon. It now appears we are the last team hire a new head coach, and now it seems like we will also be in the hunt for a new DC...thoughts?

Lovely. And we are doing what now? Is everyone in Tigertown in vacation mode already? I guess Sask didn't learn from the Marshall experiment.

Ironic somewhat that the last 2 head coaches hired in Regina were Ticat defensive coordinators the previous season.

I've never understood why Chamblin was such a hot commodity. I didn't see his defence as being any significant improvement over Marshall's.

But that said, his taking premiere pass rushers like Hickman and Baggs and dropping them into pass coverage so frequently annoyed me immensely. His schemes also reduced the effectiveness of both Johnson and Knowlton.

But who knows, maybe he'll turn out to be a better head coach than he was a coordinator (e.g. Kavis Reed).

This is a bit of a surprise, as I had thought Chamblin would be at least a couple years away from a HC position, due to limited experience as well as the Cats capricious defensive play this past season.

Good luck to him.
Hope he instructs the Sask players to take it easy on his old alma-mater Cats. :wink:

glad someone else hired him...
maybe he should coach jugglers instead of defence

apparently, doing a piss-poor job in hamilton is the ticket to becoming a head-coach in regina :roll:

Great news.
This gives us either Dickenson, Burke, Cortez, Dunnigan(maybe) to chose from with no competition.
Chambliss, they can have him, our defence was our weak link under him last season.


Is he contemplating a return to coaching?
I'd love to see his verve as a TiCats coach, although believe he may be better suited as a color man.

However, what kind of defensive system a coach espouses has a GREAT effect on a team's selection of players. I sure hope that we don't completely reverse direction on general coaching philosophy (not a fan of bend but don't break) but I DO want more of an emphasis on pressuring the QB. How much of the seeming misuse (to those of us on the board) of Baggs was due to lack of faith in the secondary and how much to to coach preference we will never know.

On this I completely agree with you and noticed these shortcomings early in the season. Our premium linebackers were for the most part invisible and never in position to stop the run up the middle or swing passes to the flats. So where the hell were they? Good luck to Chamblin but I feel we will be better next year defensively with his departure.

Looks like the Ticats won't have the worst pass D in the CFL again next year. Works for me.

Krisiun I think most all of us noticed it.

In a sense that is why it is so puzzling.

If we can all see it, why didn't MB step in to correct the obvious misuse of talent (I hate coaches trying to sqeeze square pegs into round holes, and why has Taman been so high on this guy ?

Good luck to him. That was quite a fast rise through the ranks.

"Chamblin" is currently trending on Twitter.

No wonder Stevie had a big smile in Burlington today.
He been un-leashed.

8) Only if Stevie is even back with the Cats next year !!

So which defensive stars will we lose to the Riders?

That's funny

Good luck to him.
Hope he instructs the Sask players to take it easy on his old alma-mater Cats.

I hope he does the same things in Sask. as he was doing here. If so, we'll be fine.

What I find interesting and perhaps disturbing are some of the comments from now Riders coach Chamblin re he wanted to work for and with a "professional" football organization.

Was this a none too subtle slam at the TiCat organization (ie, he sees it as amatuerish/unprofessional) and the way he experienced the 2011 season?

Not very reassuring for TiCat fans...

We just improved our defence.