Corey Boyd leading MOP candidate after six weeks

I don't know how much money Lemon is making but he needs to give half his paycheck to Boyd every month. Its a good thing the option year NFL tryout is gonzo.

Facts are facts, the Argos have no offense without Boyd.Write him a bigger check.

....damn fine running back.....I like his little spin move......Were you watching Fred????? :lol:

The option year window is still there for players who signed a contract within 30 days of the new CBA being ratified or earlier.

He looked awesome!

The guy is quite something, very impressive. And with the Argos’ relative lack of a decent passing game to this point, you’d have to say that he’d be a strong MVP candidate at this point. . . his team would likely be in last place but for him.

I haven’t had to rant about “then” and “than” lately. . . so let me embark on a new one:

This is Canada, people, not the USA. This is the CFL, not the NFL.

So it’s “CHEQUE”, not “check”.

It was like watching a man run vs a boy running

Boyd vs Whitlock

:thup: :thup:

^^ I hope that's not meant to be an insult to Whitlock cause he had 147 yards and a TD.

Whitlock did really well as well.
But Boyd dominated the first 2 quarters, he was pretty unstoppable.
After half time though Whitlock kind of took over.

He's MOP and MVP 6 weeks in. The argos aren't 4-2 without him. In fact, he is their offense.
Hopefully for them, they get a more from Clemon. You can't keep expecting Boyd to carry your whole offense all year.