Copps Coliseum: Tiger-Cats, Bulldogs and Live Nation

...or Katz/ AEG?

Have a listen. Scroll down to the Gabe Macaluso interview dated Aug 22

Interesting Captain, would be nice to see these 3 groups work together, I'd love to see more cohesion between the TigerCats and Bulldogs, it would be good for Hamilton I think to see them work together.

The city should turn over the operating expense of Copps Coliseum and Hamilton Place
to Live Nation or AEG and give them the right to put on shows at these two venues.*

These promoters would bring in more evenings of entertainment than these venues have been getting

This would give the downtown of our city a buzz on more weekends and even on evenings in midweek.

Those additional nights would help to increase the bottom lines of our downtown restaurants and bars.


*It would be great if the chosen company entered a similar agreement at our new Pan Am Stadium, too.

I must say, i agree with all three submissions to this thread thus far. All of you gentlemen coincide with my thoughts,
so I won't repeat them.

Suffice it to say, we're all on the same page thus far.

Thanks for posting, Cap'n.

It would be nice to see Copps get some sort of a ceiling curtain that would drop to lower the ceiling visually and make it cozier for the smaller crowds.