Copies of games

I went on the tsn sight looking to maybe purchase a copy of the last years Labour Day game. Please don't ask me why as i really am a devoted Cat fan . But, apparently they do not sell or distribute programs that play on their network. Is there any legal means by which i could obtain a copy of this game?

No sorry Only way is Tape a game and it a grey Area

The Labour Day game is available free on demand with Cogeco. I've been watching many of the Cat games over the winter but the results are still the same. :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Sa-weet...I had no idea about the CFL games in Cogeco's free on-demand section. Just turned on a game now! Thanks for the tip!

That's awesome!!
I'm gonna check this out too.

It would be cool if the CFL offered the digital files of archived games some how. I'd pay a few bucks to download the Ozzie kick game for sure. Gotta be pretty cheap these days...not really any monkeying around with hardware like tapes...and no shipping.

Might be a good revenue stream. (Though, not sure how that would work with the licenses that broadcast partners hold...and ESPN Classic might be bummed out.)