With Thelwell signing in Calgary, word on the street is Copeland is on his way out? How would Copeland back the Alouettes look? I mean him and Calvillo were a deadly combo...all I know is I would welcome him back with open arms. Well that also means how his salary would fit in the cap.

I too would welcome him back glady, but yeah, salary is the big issue, isn't it? If we can squeeze him under the cap, our offense will look a whole lot better this year, and maybe we can get rid of useless Anderson to boot.

Replacing Anderson with Copeland is a no-brainer.

No doubt about that.

If we didn't have to sign so many Defensive players, we might have MORE room under the cap.

If Montreal does make a move for him, they'll need to do it quickly, because there is no doubt in my mind, that any team would take him.

I would love to see Cope back here, he looks a lot better in Red, Blue and Silver.

Just to add to Anderson, let's face it, the guy has skills, just too bad his attitude and work ethic is in a whole different world. It was no fluke when he got that 1,000 yard season.

My first post! :smiley:

Copeland, if he ever considers returning to MTL, will demand a 6 figure salary. Knowing him, he'll want it to be GREATER than Ben Cahoon's. I don't see the Alouettes giving it to him.

He Wont Want More Then Ben, but he'll probaly ask for maybe 150,00-200,00$...The 150 more probable

I don't know about that kool-kat...

Remember the reason why he left Montreal in the first place? He felt "insulted" that Ben was receiving more money than he was despite still being highly paid according to CFL standards (six figure salary). He suggested that he was much more talented and much more useful than Ben Cahoon hence he merited a higher salary then Ben.

I'm hearing that he took a pay-cut to stay in Calgary but it is likely that he still is the highest paid receiver on that team.