Copeland has an Idol!

He's also found a target to emulate, long-time Winnipeg standout Milt Stegall, the league's all-time touchdown reception leader.

"That's exactly who I'm marked up to be," Copeland said. "He was just as wild as I was when he was younger. Now I'm getting older, it's about settling down and being about the business."

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Is this really a surprise? All players have Idols, when they are younger or if they are new to the league and watch great established players play, and conduct themselves. All leagues have that, so why should the CFL be any different.

Well I guess I have been too hard on Cope, there may be hope for him yet. this???? ....some sort of sensibility has hit the man.....orrrrr...has he finally matured to the point (remains to be seen)...that a real professional like Milt ....can be someone you can actually idolize????...good one Copeland....if you reach the successes in this league that the 'TURTLE MAN' has....GREAT...that is a wonderful goal to work towards....good luck..... as i seez' it, as of this have alot of work to do..... :rockin: :rockin: :wink:

uhh... dude has a lot of work to do if he wants to be like Milt....

Maybe he knows he's going to get cut?

There will be some cuts a coming in the Calgary Vet receiving corps.

It's not going to be Lewis, Thelwell or Boerigter.

Now who will survive out of: Copeland, Howell(NI/Returner), Ralph(NI), Rambo + 5 other Receivers(mostly rooks)

If either Ralph or Rambo get cut their going to get scooped up very fast by another team.
The SMS would seem to say one vet of the receiving corps will get cut.

Copeland will be playing for the Stamps this year you can bet on it.


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I wonder if the Stamps might use Copeland as trade bait to uprade another position where they are weak, like in the secondary. It would be tough to move him in the new SMS, but I would not be surprised if he was traded.

…according to the TC reports the secondary is playing pretty decently…they had their inexperience and injuries last year yes, but Creehan might not want to disrupt what has been some agressive playing so far…

…personally I think Copeland stays and Ralph is on the bubble right now…too bad, I think the kid has guts and would like to see him succeed, but other than the rooks he is the guy with the least experience right now…

Meh, Ralph would look a lot better in Blue, Silver and Red anyway.

I think a few fans of other teams may be suprised this year with our secondary. As far Copeland goes he took a 25 per cent pay deduction I do not think the Stamps will trade him nor will he be cut dream on. The Stamps at this time have competition in every position except field goal kicking. They have brought some very good players in this year to compete for jobs. :roll: They had a couple of cuts today one a canadian reciever so far Ralph is safe. Again Sambo read those links.

Well, the thing is, any player can be traded at any time. Im not saying he will be traded, but either a good receiver is going to be cut or traded. Maybe the can get a quality guy somewhere else if they are willing to give up quality. Makes sense does it not?

Yes Sambo you are correct. But the guy took a pay cut so he could stay. He is showing to management he wants to play for Calgary. Yes anything is possible but like the article states he has been a Barker man for some time and I do not think that will change anytime soon. Again if there was an urgency in an area that a trade was necessary then there would be a possibility. But Calgary has no areas of urgent need. Especially the depth in competition this year in every position.

Who would replace him at WR ? Honestly, he is the best WR on the Stamps, plus he appears to finally have matured.

You are right piggy has lots of talent but so does lil Niky, Big Boe, Thelwell, Tolver etc. Now you have changed your mind on him now didn't you because he made Milt the Stilt his idol! :lol: :lol: :lol:
But you know that is a good thing Milt is one of the best no doubt about it.

I wouldn't say I have changed my mind about him, he has always been very talented. I just have a new found respect for anyone who can see the errors of their ways and state, "hey I was an ass, and am ashamed of myself".

Hmmm I do not think he said that. He just stated he has matured and would like to follow Turtle style. I guess coming from Copeland that is a compliment to Milty. By the way what's with Taman he is going after QB's that have no knees now. Thats another thread leave it alone. :roll: