copeland could miss LDC

The Calgary Stampeders may be without Jermaine Copeland for the Labour Day Classic.

The slotback rolled an ankle while running a pattern in a practice on Thursday and had to be carted off the field.

Copeland, however, insists he will be able to play.

‘‘Hell yeah, I’ll play,’’ Copeland told the Calgary Sun. ‘‘I stepped on a bad spot and rolled it and now I have a sprained tendon but I’ll be all right. I’m just in pain right now.’’

Copeland is second in the CFL 735 yards (42 catches) and would create a big void for the Stampeders to fill.

‘‘Some guys have to step up and do the things that Cope does,’’ offensive co-ordinator Steve Buratto told the Calgary Herald. ‘‘Obviously, no one is going to go into that hole and be the same player, but other people are going to have to make plays around the position.’’

Copeland recognizes the importance of Monday’s game.

‘‘Hopefully we caught it early and I can get in for Monday,’’ Copeland told the Calgary Herald. ‘‘It would really hurt to miss this game. I can’t lie. It’s the Classic. I’m going to do everything I can to get in there.’’

Thanks for the news. I"m gonna try to change my pick in FSN.

hahahaha......too bad for calgary that copeland is playing injured....i hope it doesn't affect his performance?

Since when is Copeland a slotback?

the POSSIBLITY is high that Copeland could miss the game.....he said he would do everything he could to start....but even at that... a hurting receiver of his caliber does not increase the chances of winning that's for sure....might change my pick also.... :?:

hopefuly he's fine by monday...still has 3 days to heal....

I was reading in the Edmonton sun a couple minutes ago, Jeremaine Copeland was running a route in practise yesterday, and rolled it. He got carted off the practise field and returned in a walking boot cast. He's questionable for labour day. He says he'll play, but I don't think so. If he's on a walking boot cast, I don't think so. It's a sprained tendon.