Copeland An Argo - PK Sam a Stamp!!

Look,s like a short term win for the Argo,s and a Longtrem win for Calgary. Argo,s need CFL experience and Calgary wont miss Copeland (they hope)?

Calgary had to get rid of at least one of their receivers, since Rambo and Thelwell will be coming back from their injuries. They've still got four proven 1000-yard receivers in Nik Lewis, Ken-Yon Rambo, Romby Bryant and Ryan Thelwell, with a good supporting cast, so this had to happen. And it was good to trade Copeland after his strong season last year, while his stock is still high.

From Toronto's perspective, they get a veteran presence after they traded their two major receivers away (Bruce last year and Talbot recently). Copeland probably has a couple more good years left, so it helps them right away and for maybe a few more seasons. In my opinion, this is a win for both teams.

Ain't that the truth.

Joseph is done, at least in Toronto. I expect that if he has any hopes of continuing to play, it'll have to be a fresh start somewhere else. Reaves? Not ready for prime time. Pickett? Never will be ready for prime time. . . so yes, the cupboard is bare.

So that's why I really think that the Argos are going to make a move at QB sooner rather than later.

Most people will likely immediately think of a deal with BC who have a QB surplus, but we all know the optics of BC and Toronto trading with one another.

So I was wondering. . . Barker just made a trade with Calgary, and he sure knows their personnel well. . .

I wonder if he saw something in the Calgary backups, Nealy or Tate, so that perhaps there's a part two of this deal to follow?

Pickett makes a half decent backup or 3rd stringer so I wouldn't say the Argo's are completely bare.If you were to let KJ do his thing and stop trying to make him a pocket passer WHICH HE'S NOT!!!!!! He'd make a half decent starter.Reaves is 3rd string or lower at best, need a 4th and 5th QB for TC.Perhaps try to aquire Jyles or Pierce.

I don't think they will, either. They still have Lewis and Rambo, who are both solid. It was just a bit of a shock at first to see them trade a proven vet for an inexperienced young guy.

Toronto loses this deal to me.

Why? Because even if Copeland is productive in the next couple of seasons, they are still not a contender. Realistically, it will likely be at least three years before Toronto is ready to challenge for the Grey Cup again. By that time, Copeland will no longer be a go-to guy at 36 years of age, whereas PK Sam will be just hitting 30, still in his prime as far as receivers go, and if developed properly, ready to step in and fill the void as Calgary's other receivers age.

Yes, it's just as likely that Sam could turn out to be a bust, but this kind of move is one that good GMs aren't afraid to make in order to keep their roster from aging out of contention. With Lewis, Rambo, Bryant, Thelwell, and Ralph, losing Copeland won't be catastrophic. With so many quality players ahead of him on the depth chart, Sam can learn Hufnagel's offense without the pressure of being the man. Ideally, he'll step into a more prominent role once he's had a year or two in Calgary's system.

It's how my Als worked Watkins and Bratton into the lineup, and what they are doing with Hawkins right now.

Not sure what the salary numbers are but this may be a bit of a salary dump for the Stamps. Copeland grew up a lot since the arrival of Hufnagel, I wonder if he will go back to his old tricks under Barker.

That's the hard part.

IS it. there is a chance that one or more of the three C.I.S QB,s(who are invites to CFL evaluation camp_ are the next Russ Jackson, All three come from programs with Pro level Offences!

If I were Copeland I'd rather retire then go to TO........No offense intended.

i agree with you chief, just a weird trade. and it was a wr for another wr. hopefully sam can do something with calgary, hard to fit in with all the targets in the lineup all ready. its possible cope asked for a trade though as well.

Long term I can see this making sense for Calgary as Sam might develope into a reliable threat and they have enough threats at receiver right now to cover the void left by copeland. Toronto really needed a move like this. They needed something to show their fans that this isnt going to be a lame duck season and picking up a big name player like copeland is a good pr boost not to mention the fact that he is a quality receiver that could only make the team better

Calgary got a little younger at the position, which is good for them, and probably dumped a little salary, which is also good for them. Toronto just needed somebody who's a pro at the position, because otherwise it was the blind leading the blind.

Yes the latest is how Jyles may sign in Winnipeg and Bishop may become available.
Dare I say bring Bish back to compete for the starter position and hopefully with Pierce as the second possibility since he is likely to be released in BC.

i think bishops CFL days are done, argotom.
in the last game of the year, against the tabbies, with a chance at the playoffs on the line, didnt bish throw 4 INTs?

Yes, but none of them were his fault!!!*

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After doing some research on Sam after knowing already about the consistently good play of Copeland, things look bright for Toronto with those guys plus a new quarterback if anyone in Toronto not absolutely seemingly blinded by Joseph will listen to the last part not just by me though certainly as an Esks fan I have my bias otherwise.

Sam is also an example of the kind of player who make things better for all by staying in the CFL instead of drifting away to try his luck in the tough NFL in an option year. At 6-3 210 with hands, I don't see why he could not play in the NFL somewhere now but would have to start somewhere on special teams as do most receivers on most teams who are not good enough to make the 3rd receiver in a line-up. Sometimes that extends to the 5th receiver for teams with spread or West Coast sets.

Special teams on kick coverage is a great place to injure oneself and put a career at positional play at risk too for that matter, so it makes sense to me if Sam and others in a similar position would want to actually catch balls in the CFL.

I don't know why NFL teams are not targeting him, but so much for the better for all with more development such that in a few more years barring the unanticipated he could be a CFL star with many more years to play in the CFL or garner more attention inevitably from the NFL from teams short of receiving talent who don't want to have to draft and develop yet another receiver with anything lower than perhaps a 2nd round draft pick.

After looking at P.K,s bio, It looks like the Argo,s won this deal after all.

That’s Adam Rita for you. Did the same thing to Mike Bishop, got him to extend knowing he was bringing in Joseph. They wonder why they have problems…

Yup. I really hope that Rita walks after the 2010 season is over and his contract expires. He's been a disaster for the Argonauts and his conduct as GM has been both unclassy and unprofessional.