Copeland An Argo - PK Sam a Stamp!!


Blockbuster: Argos, Stamps make deal
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February 17, 2010 Staff

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. -- The Toronto Argonauts Football is thrilled to announce that it has acquired CFL All-Star receiver Jeremaine Copeland from the Calgary Stampeders in exchange for WR P.K. Sam.

Jim Barker, Head Coach, Toronto Argonauts, commented, “Jeremaine is a productive receiver who brings a presence to our receiving corps. I’ve won championships with him in three different cities and I don’t believe there is a player in the world who is better with a ball in the air than Jeremaine. Beyond his abilities as a receiver, he brings with him many intangibles. He will bring to our locker room and to the field the veteran leadership it takes to win.?

Copeland is coming off a career season that saw him capture CFL and West Division All-Star accolades with the Stamps. The nine-year CFL veteran who has notched five 1,000+ yard campaigns and 72 career receiving touchdowns will join Head Coach Jim Barker for the fourth time in his football career. The two first teamed up in 2001 in Los Angeles where they won the first and only XFL championship together. One season later, Copeland and Barker worked their magic to bring a Grey Cup championship to Montreal and then, in 2008, the pair thrilled the city of Calgary by winning a Grey Cup title at Olympic Stadium.

Copeland enthused, “Coach Barker is one person I do not mind following from team to team and riding for. I love him as a coach and a person and will always give my all for him. Toronto is great city which deserves to have a great CFL team. I believe I can contribute and help turn things around this year.?

Copeland is one of the most electrifying receivers in the Canadian Football League. His career numbers are extraordinary having caught 531 passes for 8,765 yards. He’s missed the CFL playoffs only once (as a rookie in 2001) and has competed in nine playoff games, starting in three Grey Cup championship games. A two-time CFL All-Star (2003 & 2009), Copeland has earned divisional all-star on three occasions (2003, 2004 & 2009).

Jeremaine Copeland will be in Toronto for the exclusive Argos season ticket holder Fan Forum on Tuesday, February 23.


Typical Toronto move -- trade a younger unproven talent for an easy short-term fix because it's too difficult to actually develop your own players. Copes has still got it, but can he be the man on his own in Argoland instead of as part of a dangerous trio with Rambo and Lewis?

well they needed someone to replace Bruce, after giving him to us for free!

:lol: :lol:

only time will tell if this was a good move on Rita/Barker's part.

Finally, the Argos have a proven receiver who can get the job done and can mentor the younger players!

copeland will elevate the whole receiving corps, much like Bruce improved the ticats.

Copeland won’t have Burris or Calvillo to throw him the ball.

Did Calgary trade him to save money in order to re-sign DeAngelis? No other team will sign him. Being a free agent he still could sign in the NFL. I say he returns to Calgary.


Copeland can be a leader and the Argos need that. Interesting deal.

Now we have to wait for the other shoe to drop. . . who are the Argos going to have throwing the ball to Copeland?

I can't see him too happy to have Cody Pickett throwing him passes. . . or ol' over the hill Joseph.

Something else is bound to happen. . .

When was the last time Rita made a good move?

Rambo was hurt most of the season last year and Copes still had decent numbers, But I think his numbers will decline, since it’s KJ throwing instead of Burris. I agree it is a typical Argo move, however I think the Argos need some leadership on that side of the ball. Personally I like this trade.

Sad to see Copeland go, but best trade him while he still has value

My first thought when I saw the headline: What the hell was Calgary thinking? ...Seriously, if I had to choose between Copeland and PK Sam, I'd take Copeland every time. This is a bit of a head scratcher... :expressionless:

Compare their ages, Chief, and then see what calgaryred posted just before you. That's the answer I suspect. Copeland at his age is clearly on the downside of his career. . . try to trade him a year or two from now you wouldn't get much in return.

What gets me is.

PK Sam was a free agent who resigned with the Argo on Monday right before the deadline, they announced it yesterday, and the Argos trade him today! Something tells me he is not going to be happy
Mississauga – The Toronto Argonauts Football Club is thrilled to announce that just before free agency opened last night, an important piece of its receiving corps., P.K. Sam, re-signed with the club through the 2011 season.

Yeah, I didn't realize Copeland was 33. Wow... But even still, it just seems weird. I mean, it's not like Calgary is hurting at receiver. They still have Franklin, Jackson, Lewis, and Ralph who are all still fairly young.

Just a weird, weird trade...

Copeland is getting older. He won't have a top QB throwing him the football. He'll be double-covered all day long because of the dearth of quality receiving talent in Toronto. And the man likely in charge of the offense (Barker) hasn't coached in the CFL in seven years, nor was his previous coaching stint (Calgary) a resounding success.

The Argos are going to regret this trade.

But it never hurts to keep the cupboard stocked, PK has some upside for sure!

They'll only regret if Sam happens to develop into a premiere receiver. . . and the jury's out on that one. Copeland at least should provide some sorely-lacking leadership to Toronto.

But I'll wager a healthy sum that, after having spent a career catching passes from Calvillo and Burris, he isn't exactly looking forward to being on the receiving end of passes from one Cody Pickett.

I still have to think that another shoe is going to drop in fairly short order. . . Toronto is going to make a move at QB. . . what it'll be I have no idea.

For the present, its a good deal for Toronto. In the future, long run, I don't think it is.

Poor Copeland, now he has to play Montreal 3-4 times a year :twisted: :lol:

A good deal as Copeland still has gas left in the tank.
All we need now is a QB to throw the ball to him, that task appears huge since we have nothing in the cupboard.