Copa America 2024

Pressure on themselves maybe. You get to that point, you want to pull off the upset I would imagine.

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Canada had some good chances but lack of finishing around the net is what ultimately did them in.

Still though it was an impressive run. I believe they have a good chance of winning the 3rd place match which would be quite an accomplishment for our nation.

Go Canada. :3rd_place_medal:


I would like to see Colombia win at this point but that means Canada would play Uruguay and the Canadians will be missing limbs by the end of the tourney.


well, in theory, the soccer powers do not take this game very seriously, they put those who have not played, I even believe that in some cases the stars have asked to leave and not play it, in fact in the Euro they do not play it, so, if Uruguay loses today, maybe Canada will have a better chance.

On the other hand, on Twitter I have seen some complaining that Argentina has been facilitated the tournament, as they have played in the East Coast while the others have had to travel more, I do believe that there is a conspiracy for Messi to say goodbye by winning this Cup.

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It certainly wouldn’t surprise me in any way as CONCACAF and CONMEBOL do have a number of crooked power players amongst their executives.

I was more referred to Uruguay’s “street-wise” play of tactical fouls. They have averaged 30+ fouls for every yellow card they have received and Uruguay-Brazil was by far the most rough and tumble of the tournament thus far. I don’t think that changes even with Uruguay’s B team.


Oh boy. For the choir boy reputation Colombia has gotten, someone just lost their temper and got kicked out.

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I understand your point and sorry I had not understood the expression

in South America they are known for being very “leñeros” (woodcutters) that is to say that they like to distribute firewood (which in slang is like hard hit), they have historically been known for playing very hard, they like to call it in a euphemistic way " la garra charrua" ( the charrua claw), but really it is simply that they play very dirty ( the game against Germany on WC 86 is a good example)


After the horrendous spectacle of Uruguay-Brazil over the weekend, scoreless and decided by penalty kicks (I turned it off after regular time, for it was just not entertaining football), Marcelo Bielsa, currently Uruguay’s manager who has seen it all in his career, had some choice comments for the state of the game in general, and I agree with him for the most part.

As Bielsa shares, there is record fan interest, but when the quality of the product on the field is run into the ground more and more, such interest won’t last terribly much longer near such levels.

Nobody has solutions now, and I would not believe anybody who makes such claims to have a solution rather than perhaps a good idea or two.

I myself have no longer enjoy much of the play in these tournaments, and I simply pick and choose which games I watch more in league and tournament play in Europe and in the UK.

But hey, we did just have two solid semifinals in Euro 2024, so there’s that reality.

Likewise, I see some of these observations as cyclical. I remember well at the time of the 1990 World Cup in Italy when football was heavily defensive, such that by 1994 they changed some of the laws of the game so as to open things up in time for the World Cup in the US that year, which was a smashing success.

Now simply opening things up in play akin to how it’s far too easy to earn a penalty kick any more, in especially the Premier League, is not necessarily the way to go either. There is more to it than simply “opening up the game.”

This excerpt of the now viral video is in Spanish with English subtitles.


Despite Bielsa speaking truth, he is aiding and abetting the problem at least when it comes to his players flopping around like fish and woodchopping to slow the game down.

VAR as a whole has been less than adequate and seems to raise more questions than answers. The fact there is only 1 ref overseeing so much of the action is an issue too. Also, by adding more refs on the field, it becomes a slight peer checked bias vs an egregious unchecked bias.

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Columbia leading Uruguay 1-0 is on the verge to play Argentina in the Copa Final.

Shhh…there’s still 7 min of stoppage

The party is now over - Uruguay vs Canada - Columbia vs Argentina in Miami

uruguayos being uruguayos , if the don’t win the match, they try to win the fight

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Uruguay captain José Giménez said players went in the crowd to protect their families.
“This is a disaster. Our family is in danger. We had to get into the stands to take out our loved ones with small babies, newborns," he told TUDN. “Everything was a disaster. There was not a single police officer.”


Wow. I don’t bother with this tournament also because during Euro 2024, I’ve watched enough for the day, but this is another reason.

There is much work to do in the US in some cities, such as Charlotte North Carolina in this case, for the sake of hosting international events.

At the very least, it sounds to me like the security presence was not aware or unprepared for this known contingency between fans and players of not only these two countries.

I also notice this article does not mention that players went into the stands to defend family, for whom seating arrangements can be made differently so as to separate them from opposing fans, much as is done on a standard basis in other venues worldwide.

After the game, videos showed what appeared to be Uruguay players wading into the stands to exchange blows with Colombia fans as police personnel tried to keep the two sides apart.

Yes, I saw what happened later and I agree with the Uruguayans, the family is untouchable, and as Paolo mentions, there were failures in the organization, the ideal is always to separate the fans, and much more the family.

However and in my discharge, I must clarify that my comment was written at the time of the fight between players at the end of the game, not what happened later with the public.

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Gotta love our Canadian Coach
Telling it like it is


Canada more than holding its own against Uruguay so far tonight.

Canada up 2-1 less than 10 minutes to go plus stoppage!

Suarez ties it in stoppage time. Very pretty set up

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