Coors light patio

I'm very disappointed in the coors light girls services, they are handing out free stuff and when you ask for something they roll their eyes and shake their head and most of the time tell you no even though you are drinking a coors light. I think the coors light girls really need to check their attitude and show more appreciation towards the fans and their job

Yep couldn't agree more , was there tonight and last week , won a coors light hat by roping the steer last week , this week my lady friend did the same but was refused a hat , guess Coors couldn't afford the 10 cents it takes to make them in Bangladesh or where ever ........kinda cheezy ....couldn't even get a decent plastic beer glass to pour the ladies beer in .

I hate Coors Light but what I like about the patio is how many field goals end up there. During the preseason game against Ottawa one made a huge splash as it must have landed in someone's pitcher. I'm looking at getting a couple reserved seats just to score a game ball.

Unless things have changed recently, if a ball goes into the stands accidentally (versus a player sending it into the crowd as a celebration) security will come and demand that you give it back.

I was on the patio on Thursday's game. While it was kind of cool watching warmup that close, and being near the field when the action is close by, the rest of the game is hard to see and then you have to turn all the way around and look at the screen. I like my seats way up in 202 a lot better.

If you were there primarily to talk to friends and drink instead of watch the game its cool, but you could also do that way cheaper elsewhere.