Coordinators of the Year?

The CFL always has a coach of the year award, I wonder if they'll ever consider handing out coordinator of the year awards? Coaching has become more specialized over the years, and in many (not all) cases your coordinators are actually more important than your head coach.

Were there to be such an award, who would win for 2010?

From the east, for O/C, I suppose it'd be Milanovich. Granted, Trestman has a lot of input to that particular offence, and is probably more responsible for the offensive success of the Als than is Milanovich, but I can't see any of Gibson, Elizondo, or Barressi getting serious consideration.

For eastern D/C, Burke did a really terrific job in the Grey Cup, but during the season not so much; mind you Marshall, Garber, and Reed didn't do appreciably better.

In the west, O/C of the year would probably be Doug Berry. . . he developed Darian Durant into a 5,000 plus yards passer.

For western D/C, that I think would be Gary Etcheverry hands down. Granted, if all the rumours about Richie Hall turn out to be true, he's about to lose his job, but when you consider that the Riders lost Baggs, Chick, and Eddie Davis all in the same year, the fact that Etcheverry still had that defense playing really well, and well enough to hold Montreal to only 3 TDs in the Grey Cup, the guy did a bang-up job.

Those are my thoughts, anyway. . . for what it's worth (which, admittedly, isn't a whole heck of a lot. . . ).

I liked Calgary’s defence and Montreal’s offence last year, Jones & Milo.

Calgary's D was fairly suspect past the midway point. I still think the Bombers had the best D overall...they just hadn't a great supporting cast on the other side of the ball. as for offense, i guess i would agree to montreal

Why no mention of ST coordinators? I don't know who I would pick from the West but Mike O'Shea would win that hands down in the East and for the League.

I would have to go with Kavis Reed for DC in the East and not just because I'm a Bomber fan. Considering the number of 1st and 2nd year players in the Bombers line-up and the number of injuries he had to deal with, Reed did a great job.

In the West, I'd go with Chris Jones. The Stamps were either first or second in 19 out of 25 defensive categories.

I don't know who I would choose for OC in either division. To me, Milanovich would be in the same category as Baressi since they both seem to be more behind the scenes guys. I don't know if Elizondo falls in that category too or not (did he call plays or did Barker?). If getting 5,000 yards out of a QB is the criteria then Gibson would have to get the nod in the East which I'm sure Ticat fans will support. :wink:

I can't really pick anyone from the West. Calgary didn't officially have an OC IIRC and Saskatchewan's offence really struggled at times, they didn't have that great of a run game and Durant threw a lot of interceptions.

OC - Chris Jones CGY
DC - Kavis Reed WPG
ST Mike O'shea TOR


I Like jones for that. Not just cause I'm a Stamps guy. He really showed his stuff this year. But o'shea was really stand up!

Not a co-ordinator per say, but Mike O'shea has as much to do with the argos turnaround than anybody.

I Like it when the co-ordinators are on the sidelines… Not in the booth!

Jim Daley

What do you mean by “not a co-ordinator per say”. The ST coach is a coordinator and is just as important as the OC and DC to a team’s success.

Eapecially in Toronto where the special teams were more productive with yards and first downs then the offense.

:oops: Never mind. Brain cramp moment...

beat me to it. HAHA

never seen such a poor ST coach, and that includes the late 1990 BC Lions.

Everyone I was sitting with watching the GC called the fake when they saw the Als line up with 1 back. we were like...ball at 35ish, change of formation...its a fake.