Coordinators Needed!

Its time to up open this New Thread for open discussion.
Hamilton has secured HC & all three coordinators in place.
Sask also has HC & all three Coordinators secured.
The other 7 teams are in need.

There are some great candidates out there.

I’m interested to see if any team will take a shot on Damon Allen after his blatant self promotion telling the world that he now wants and would make a great OC. He has never coached and has been away for a while now. But he may be good if his motives are clean

I like QB coach Steve Walsh in Sask.a lot. Long time B/U NFL QB with a lot of teams and a great NCAA pedigree. Been around a lot of systems.

Buck should be ready too.

I look for Ricky Ray to be on EE staff somewhere but not at OC.QB coach probably but I don’t think Trevor Harris would like him in that role.

I do not see Calvillo back from his USports OC job anytime soon. He really struggled at that level. Pretty bad actually.

It’s always good to keep in mind that a Coordinators job is to develop a a system to compliment the type of team the HC desires.

Its not a wise move to have a “pass first” OC to work with a HC that believes in a dominating run game. Or to have a OC who loves the smaller receiver run and shoot system to compliment a system where a HC wants a West Coast attack that features taller receivers.

If a HC is developing a team with a Vernon Adams at QB the OC will need a solid O_Line system that can block without holding penalties, for a QB who bounces around everywhere.

Its not just about having a sheet of plays to call.

Oh ya. With the HC shuffle & teams with same HCs losing parts of staffs to other jobs.
Its time to start this process to see who will fit where. Who is available. Who jumped leagues.
Its gona be a long tediously process.

Based on the above, could have a hand in your comment in your previous post about Calvillo struggling in his role as OC with the Carabins.

Yup could be Tony. I haven’t watched enough USports ball or what the Carrabins were actually trying to do offensively in the Vanier Cup. Or why they only scored 7 TD all year.

In the Vanier 90 % of the offense was seemingly to get the ball to a 160 pound 5’-5’’ rookie.

Announcers did allude to Calvillo designing too complicated an offense for University and Mocoica had him gear it back. But he needs more seasoning by the looks of it. He just looks so uncomfortable and incommunicado in that role so far both in pros and Uni.

I was always hopeful he’d go the front office route. But really I have no idea what his talents or intellect really are outside of throwing the ball and then going to bench and sitting by himself. His interviews were always very vanilla for me.

To be fair to Calvillo, he was the QB coach, not the OC for the Carabins in 2019.

He has been promoted to OC with Gabriel Cousineau’s departure to France.

Obviously, not all players make good coaches. And sometimes being a stand-out at a position makes a great player a poor coach, because he simply doesn’t get why his players can’t or don’t do what came so easily to him. How often do you see the ‘journeyman’ type player step up and shine as a coach because he had to study, learn, and practice the skills, interactions and mechanics needed as a player, and can pass that knowledge along.

In Calvillo’s case, as was pointed out, he was always very much aloof on the bench, and didn’t seem to be the type of personality that mixed and shared on the sidelines. Definitely a work in progress as a coach.

Talking about AC who may have been a great CFL QB. But has been very unsuccessful as a coach at CFL & Usports.
Kinda like the CFL version of wayne Gretzky who was an elite all time player. But neither could coach / teach.
Damon Allen has thrown his hat in the ring as A CFL OC. But is very far removed from CFL game today and has zero coaching experience.

Which brings me to Kerry Joseph. Not so far removed from the modern CFL game. Retiring in 2014.
Since than he has had QB/OC/ interam HC experience at his Alma matter McNeese state.
He was a CFL
QB while he also was a safety in the NFL & NFLE.
If your looking for a young fresh CFL face as an OC. the 46 yr old Joseph has a much better coaching experience resume.

John Hufnagel is a great example.