Coordinators need to go

You know, some may disagree, but I think we can officially call the Kevin Strasser experiment a spectacular failure.

The offence looked good for the first 6 quarters that he was in control... since then the offence has played like absolutely shit!!! I understand it takes time when you get a new coordinator, adjustments need to be made... but this guy has been in control for 7 weeks!!! He's essentially had a training camp and a pre-season, and he still can't get anything going. Under him, the team has gone 2-5. The offence can't get anything going. 7 points so far tonight. That's pathetic.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Rick Worman may not have been the best offensive coordinator, but at least the team was moving the ball and putting up points under him.

Kevin Strasser and Jim Daley both need to be punted... :roll:

hahahahahhahahahha oh man!
They will now die in Calgary... they're down 30-7...
Goodbye to the Eskimos, i hope they're better at golf then they are at football...
god damnit you guys suck... hardly a professional team
Im really hoping some dumbasses will be fired this offseason... hiring an autistic would be better than Daley
Maciocia... Edmonton hates you... maybe youll get run over or something... we can only hope... same with Lelacher... boy if i see you someday...

On the bright side... good job Arkee on going over 1000 yards rushing, now we can release the INEPT Lumsden and keep you around for more than a year...

Well lets just hope that they clean house , this team needs a major shake -up all the coaches and Management need to go !
I really don't think we have seen the true Talent on this Team this year due to the Inept play calling .
I'm going to the Game at BC place I will be Yelling my Loudest at the coaching staff as they come out of the Tunnell.

GOOD make sure to wear GREEN AND GOLD and tell Daley hes a dumbass for me... Same with Strasser, and tell Ricky Ray he sucks majorly and that i hate him too

there was a comment made by an edmonton reporter on the calgary radio pregame show...that you dont switch a professor halfway through the term...referring to the change of OCs halfway through the season. bad move that cost you guys games...and ricky is an amazing qb but i think the change is not sitting well with him...they did mention the relationship he shared with the original OC...sorry cant remember the names now...but danny is the worst person to have in your organization...i thought watching him coach would be enough to prove that...i guess not...he is the one you want get rid of him and things will be much easier to fix in the offseason.
GOOD LUCK WITH NEXT SEASON...or the east playoffs if you manage to sneak in

I hope Our Cats can pickup your Old OC in this off season, He seemed to have the Moe's on fire, then once he left and the new plays and such were Incorporated they were put out!

I lost a lot of respect for Richie Hall when he fired Worman but kept Jim "Defense? I'm in charge of defense? News to me!" Daley. Clear favoritism displayed from Hall to his former coach. The Esks' D has been terrible since the start of the season. At least Worman was effective from game to game. As an Als fan, I can say that Strasser's role in our offense from a few years ago was severely overstated. Our best years came when he co-ran the offense with Doug Berry. When Berry left and Strasser was on his own running the O, our production went downhill.

The other thing is that it is very difficult to make a coordinator switch in the middle of the season and be effective. If the new OC's system is too similar to the old one, why the coaching change? Conversely, if it's too different, there simply isn't enough time for the players to unlearn the old system and learn the new one without such a process costing you valuable points in the standings.

Ray's days are done in the CFL as a starter, any team that knows him beats him easily these days.

RAY has no ABILITY at all to adapt to new defensive schemes-- You have to adapt when teams know what you like to do--

RAY's arm is getting weaker every week and he looks like he doesent care--

The only position Edmonton is strong at is running back..

If you cut the entire team of Edmonton there would be little interest in most of the players and I suspect only a handfull of players would be picked up and the rest would not be claimed off other teams--

I will never forget when ANTHONY I am 55 years old MARLBROUGH found his way on Edmonton despite being washed up , out of football and really slow and not able to cover anyone.. I guess its him or MALVEAUX trying to cover Copeland and interfering every time in the end zone vs him..

The O line is not professional LEVEL either, it is a joke---

KAMAU is done, he has the dropsies again and is unrelaible with his shaky hands---

The team needs a complete overhaul, within 3 yaers they will be good again--

Excellent post, discipline! Those are the two things that piss me off most about the change. First, it was never the offence costing us games. The guys were moving the ball, and putting up points. Now it seems like the only bright spot for our offence is Arkee Whitlock.

Second, before the switch, we were hanging in first and second with Calgary and Saskatchewan. Now...? I seriously doubt we can finish better than fourth.

So ridiculous... Like you, I've lost a lot of respect for Hall...

you say Ray can't adapt to other teams schemes....
So I guess hockey teams lose because the goalie can't adapt to 80 shots a game.

Are Chief and I (and other team's fans) the only Ricky Ray supporters left? :?

im a calgary fan but i think ray is far from losing a starting job on any team...he needs the rest of the team to help him out...bad move on the OC changes halfway through the season. arent you a printers fan? i think you have no right critiqueing ray if you think printers is the best qb in the league LOL
ray isnt the problem the receivers being inconsistent and the young D are the problems those can be helped with time. this year is pretty well in the books but these can be solved for next year. IMO this cobra guy feels every team other than the lions need too fire the entire team...not so much fire macocia? i cant spell his goofy name but hes your problem fire him and end the suffering

Rocky Ray is far from done.

I think you missed the whole point. Why change the Offensive co-ordinator mid season? Who made the change? Was in Richie Hall, or was it Dancing Danny Machocia that pulled the trigger on that move?

I had the Esks ahead of my Lions this year. Can't believe how the Eskies have imploded.

how did i miss the said almost everything i said?

Im sure the Argo's would be PUMPED to take Ray off ur hands for yah! Heck basicly every team would! He is a WICKED! QB. He was doing WELL under the original O.C for Eskies!

Please DO NOT fire Richie Hall or Kevin Strasser. Hall is a 1st year Head Coach and once he has a handle on the job he will be a good one. The only heads I want on a platter are:

#1) Maciocca-He has wrecked my team and does not understand that you need to pay quality scouts in Canada as well as the US. When he is gone I believe we can bring in a few Ex Eskimos as guest coaches and attempt to instill the tradition and meaning of the Green & gold to these new players.

  1. Jeff Bleamer - The Esk’s need a Quality O-line coach and there are great ones out there. It surprised me we brought in Bleamer after he was fired by Hamilton for not teaching a good young crop of O-lineman how to play. hamilton was dead last in Sacks allowed in the last year he was there.

  2. Jim Daley- This is a no brainer this man does not truly seem to know what is required of a D-Coordinator.

I believe next week we should Start Jared Zabransky he has talent and can use Reps as a starter. Maas will still be a good backup if he falters and Ray can be penciled in at #3 with his Butt stapled to the bench.

I have basically written this team off even if we get the crossover which isn’t a given. These are the way I see things shaking up in the offseason.

QB Ray is a great QB but cannot motivate the team so he should be traded or he should take a pay cut until he plays like the Ray of old. JM and JZ should be the 1 and 2 guys. Snaps should be taken under center unless we need more time .

Receivers Stamps, Mann, Nowacki, and KP are fine all bets are off with the rest we need one of these guys to become a leader to kick some butt if the others aren’t carrying their weight. I mean hell they are supposed to be professional athletes. A more traditional TE SB 2 wideouts would be nice.

RB Cal and Arkee are a good 1-2 We should run them both out of the I formation and use Bertrand as a Tight end to block for either of the two. If we do this the run game will work and be a viable option.

O-Line What can I say the only one who seems to play with passion and gets the job done consistently is Mongo raid the free Agent market or maybe trade Ray for the entire Hamilton O-Line :slight_smile: Seriously we need to actively shop for a legitimate O-Line Coach there are many good ones out there.

A full year with Strasser and Hall should help our offensive production.


D-Lineman Ellis Romero and Taylor are all fine. Peach, Haywood, Sterling, and Richardson have shown flashes of brilliance. With a full season together and a proper D-Line coach they look fine.

LB’s Lloyd, Hill, St Pierre, Davis, and Restelli looked fine with a good D- Coordinator they will be fine.

Secondary Goss, Parker, Drew, Nugent are solid. Malveaux and Elliot Richardson, Lenny Williams, and Bradley Robinson seem okay once again with a good D-Coordinator I think we will be fine.

Special teams are good T-Jax is a great returner and Parker is a capable backup. Pre is usually money. I think the reason behind his woes is simply Nowacki hurt his wrist and stopped holding for him Maas is a good holder but Pre is not used to him.

I believe we need to replace Bleamer and Daley in the offseason and trade Ray for a few quality canadian O-lineman. I am talking about Tsoumpas, Rottier, Hage, etc young and seriously talented O-lineman. If we do some serious recruiting and get quality replacements This team is very close to being the best team in the league.

I’m sorry, but I simply can’t put into words how dumb that is… We’re going to trade our All-Star QB for a couple O-Linemen that we could probably get in the draft (if we’d stop trading draft picks)? I guess Edmonton could do a lot worse than Danny M. This team would be worse than the Ti-Cats of the 2000’s with you as GM… :expressionless:

Not if we trade Ricky Ray… :roll:

Meh, i kinda agree with Danlaurin
I wouldnt miss Ray, hes too expensive and DEFINETLY isnt worth the money we give him, but a more resonable suggestion is like you said, cut his pay cheque in half, hes crap for what we give him
I would like too see us get a few veteran o line and a good young guy, our O Line is crap and has been for years
I desperatly wana see Zabransky out on the field, idc if the Esks make the playoffs, get this kid in, the esks will just lose in the 1st round if we happen to make it, and if we happen to win, we sure as hell dont deserve to!
Mix it up... jesus christ

I desperatly wana see Zabransky out on the field, idc if the Esks make the playoffs, get this kid in, the esks will just lose in the 1st round if we happen to make it, and if we happen to win, we sure as hell dont deserve to!
Mix it up… jesus christ
Since when does a team win but dont deserve to?? Give me a break!!! Any team in the CFL can beat any other team on game day. That’s how close this league is. There are usually about 2-4 plays each game that determine the final outcome. I have watched every team play this year and I have watched every Esks game. The Esks are just as good as any team in the CFL. Yes they are 7-9, but they could easily be 12-4 or better if they could of gotten a break here or there, or been more sound offensively or defensively on a select few plays. Even special teams has cost this team this year.

On game day, if they play to their potential, they are pretty good. We have seen them not play to their potential and still have a chance a to win in the fourth quarter. Just imagine if they start to click like some of us know they can. This team can beat any team they face, including that piece of sh*t red team in south alberta. I am pulling for a two game win streak here to finish the regular season. I don’t care who they will face in the playoffs, if they play to their potential it wont matter. Just get in baby…

Now, if they lose to Toronto tomorrow night, take everything I said and throw it in the trash…

Go Esks!!! :rockin:

Sorry Chief the way I see it is Ray cannot get the team motivated and is overpaid. Maas can start for us and Zabransky is the QB of the future. If we can get 2 solid 23 to 25 year old Cdn O-lineman Rottier, Brodeur Jordain, Tsoumpas, Newman, Hage 1st line All star young O-lineman we should trade Ray.

2nd point I think Strasser's offense Roll out quick passes on the move suit both Maas and Zabransky but not Ray. Why do you think Strasser's first game JZ took the opening snap or 2 ? If the offensive scheme cannot fit the QB then unfortunately hard decisions must be made and if we upgrade long term our Cdn content we should explore all options.

Zabranksy may be the QB of the future, but today isn't the future. Do you see Montreal giving up on AC so they can use McPherson? You can't just throw a QB into the fire. Look at how Quinton Porter has struggled. Zabransky needs to spend a little more time in the league.

And don't give me anything about how AC can still get it done, but Ricky Ray can't. Give Ray an O-Line that consistently protects him, one more threat at the receiving position, and a competent OC, and he'll start playing better... not that he's really playing terrible...

Peronally, I wonder if maybe we should bring Danny M. back as OC. He was a terrible HC, and he's proving to be a terrible GM... but when he was the offensive coordinator, the offence was good. Edmonton was always at the top. Then he became the HC, and the whole team suffered... until last season when he took a more active role with the offence.

Put Danny M. as the OC, Richie Hall as the DC, and find a good HC... ah, I'm just dreaming now. :lol: