hi, once again darian is stuck with a different offensive coach, he goes through this every year, the riders let kahari jones get away this time. can we give the man some consistency for a change and we could see some real progress. considering, I think he does damn well having knew coaches every year.

ed I agree Durant was far more confident last year and was quicker at making reads. Yes I know knew receivers blah blah blah sorry not buying it after game 6. I pointed out awhile ago Ray has a complete turnover in receivers and yet he found them open against the Bombers. I think the whole turnover thing is in the back of his mind because he was certainly throwing more at the first of the season then he is now. After his 5th interception I wouldn't be surprised if Cory might have had a chat with him about just making throws he was sure he could complete. Durant over thinks things too much as it is and if he has that "don't throw a pick" going though his head then that even makes it worse.
Yes Durant needs a designated quarterback coach. Right now Cortez I think is acting qb coach and that isn't working.

The Riders didn't "let" Jones go, he left all on his own. He took a huge promotion to go elsewhere...can't blame him
Every QB coach DD has had was given a promotion elsewhere and left...can't blame anyone for that.

At least he has the same OC this year. I said it way before camp....HUGE mistake not having a QB coach for him. I get why Cortez took on the role...guys were gone after every season anyways...but I think a QB coach independent of the OC is massive.

As for Ray...the Riders have pretty much been a run first team. He has 100 more pass attempts than DD....he better have bigger numbers.

I am VERY happy with Durant's play these days. He's protecting the ball extremely well. He is very patient, and he's the same warrior he's always been.

I am not happy with Cortez these past few games, especially this week. I'm currently working on a new rant which will get it's own thread some time today. Stubborn old coot is pissing me off actually. This scheme might have squeaked by the Als but it aint gonna cut it next week against BC or next month against the Stamps.

I agree.
I do see a lot of things they are working into the playbook though and like that aspect.
They became a pass first team this week...that is new and will make teams think.
They went for a lot of short passes...something the don't do a lot of, that will make clubs think.

The consistently ran one play that the Als could not stop (or variations of it). It had a 2 guys sweeping out (one almost always Swain), a 12 yard flag over top of that, and a guy going deeper elsewhere. It had to have been run at least a dozen times, and with success probably 9-10 times against a solid D. the short flag was hit most, and I believe it was the same play used to hit for the TD. What is nice is the progression of the can tell they are leading to future options...Cortez is building on it.

  • Those sweeps draw the LBs out...they have a choice...cover that flat or cover the gut. Right now, they are more or less saying that the draw is the greater worry.
  • The sweeps can turn into cut backs if they decide to man up on them.
  • The sweeps can turn into wheels if zone starts biting.
  • The flag will turn into posts if the safety is cheating.

LOVE the is a whole set of plays in one fundamental formation. That is a good way to mess with a D.

Also saw twin backs a few times. With what has been a run first O that needs to worry a D. Not sure where Cortez is going, but my hope is this...use it on 1st down, hope for a play in 1st down territory or even get one, keep the same players on, and the D will bring in their bigger LB set in....the key is getting the D to change their players up. Allen has pretty good hands...he can catch. Now you run screen or better yet, you run a hurry-up O, not letting the D change and have huge mismatches.

it's painfully obvious that Durant missis a dedicated QB coach, in the years that he's had one he played great but in the years that he didn't have one , well check out his stats?
Cortez, I think that he is past his due date as he's been around so long that all the teams have him figured out, now that we are a run first offence .
fortunate that the D has the O's back,
against teams in our division we are 1and 1 and against the weak east division we are 4 and 1,
the offence is a big concern hate to see what happens to us against Calgary and Edmonton if we continue to play like this ?

Cortez is far from his due date. He rolls out the playbook all year long, inch by inch. He shows a smidge when he needs to, and a bucket when he needs to. Does he does frustrating things...who doesn't?

DD should have an independent QB coach though

I keep telling myself that it's not how you start but how you finish that counts,
but frustrating to have the D on the field for a long time, need offense to keep D fresh, what was time of possession last night ?

Pretty even, Riders 30:45 / Montreal 29:15

there were so many times DD should've just ran it himself and didn' Cortez telling him not to? I seem to recall this last year or the yr before maybe, until somebody told him to go for it if he saw an opening and he did quite well.

as much as I would love to see him run, the pass before run mentality is good. he will run when it REALLY matters. He proved that in the playoffs last year in a huge way, and he proved it again late in the game yesterday.

I believe it was Chamblin who told him that. He has legs and he was to use them.

You are so right. Cortez has always used this approach in “play building”. Basically since he was in Calgary with Buono. Buono brought it with him to BC as well. Dickenson has it going in Calgary too. Its like a tree, one trunk with branches going everywhere depending on the light. One look several variations. When its humming receivers are wide open. And you say…“how could they be that open?” Cortez is far, far away from his due date.

On another note…is it just me or does Durant look chunky if not fat? Sure doesn’t look to be in great shape to me.

DD actually dropped weight this year


yeah,, like 18 lb or something crazy...said he was in the best shape of his life. He may have put it back on since camp...not sure...but he came in trimmed. Perhaps he has been eating with Milo.