cooments on the game - soem observations

Did anyone notice how easy our defence is fooled ?

I mean allthe blocking goes one was so our entire defence goes that way and they hand off or throw or teh qb runs the other way and it is open se4ason every time ....i saw mariuz and siskowic and anthony in this situation all day .

i also watch other cfl teams and when thye decide to blitz they always have a free man that gets to the qb and causes a rush or broken play ..but when we send mariuz or robinson they both get picked up everytime and mariuz never seems to be able to shed a block ever ...

i think we need to bring in more linebackers and lineman as this is outr biggest weakness and of course creehan has to go too ....the only guy that i have seen anything from on the dline is Adams ..Patrick mailed it in this week again and Lewis doesn't bring much and well NML HASN'T DONE A THING ALL YEAR...Kashama hasn';t doen anything either ...

I still think we need to grab amercians that have a had at least a few years of pro experience ....either in the cfl or nfl or nfl europe ..

it can't be that hard to find a linebacker like lloyd on sask or ARMOUR can it ? We need a defence that puts some fear in the opponent !!

bradley is a hard hitter and so is liskowic but who else is ?

did anyone notice that sack where porter got knocked while throwing apass ..davis got smoked one on one on that oen by williams ...i have not seen a hamilton dlineman beat anoyone one on one like that all year ..has anyone ? ...did anyoine also notice when mitchell caught the touchdown and baamann was right next to him but showed xero emotion and semed to have to push himself to celebrate ?

i think we still need to thow more balls up to these 3 tall guys we was good to see a few passes out of thwe backfield and screen passes ..

not sure what to think of davis thus far but he sure has wheels ....

gerbear9 said

...did anyone also notice when mitchell caught the touchdown
and bauman was right next to him but showed zero emotion

and seemed to have to push himself to celebrate?

No but I did notice Bauman was the primary target
on all kinds of pass plays and routes at practice.

It was untypical for him to receive so many balls.

I thought that they were going to feature Chris
for a big return to his old stomping grounds.

Maybe he did, too, gerbear9.