Coolest name in the CFL

First post on these forums guys. Just wondering what names in the CFL you think are the funnest to say. I like KEN YON RAMBO and YOOOOO MURPHY what is up dude.

I’m from Nebraska. Back when I was knee high to a grasshopper (late 70’s), we had such great names for our running backs. In 1977, our fullback was named Rick Burns (full blooded Japanese), and the halfback was I. M. Hipp. After they graduated, we picked up a fullback by the name of Jarvis Redwine. Down in Kansas, there was a quarterback playing for Wichita State (Shockers) by the name of Prince McJunkins. So don’t feel bad. In my opinion for both NCAA in the 70’s and the CFL today, as long as they perform like they did (and in the case of the CFL today), you can call them anything except late for the supper table.


Tom Canada by far......I dont like the guy...but thats a sweet handle. Deiter Brock used to be the best name.

I like the guy. :slight_smile: I wonder why… :wink:

I liked Ralph Brock from the Bombers... oh right that is Dieter Brock...

Buck Pierce has to be a geat name for a QB.

Buck Pierce....if that guy never makes it in football.....Watch out porno films.

There was a guy in the NFL
Last name

There was a John Bonk that played for Winnipeg... An offensive Lineman if I remember correctly.

A few years ago the Detroit Lions had a player named Zefloss Moss. I can't remember whether he was an offensive guard or an offensive tackle.

I think Pat Woodcock has to be at the top of this list.

........Pete Zahut was an awesome player in the 60's.......think he opened an italian deli after he retired......

HADTU GOLONGER... from the past....was one of the all time greats ..but was finally cut because he couldn't....

......or the fantastic lineman Hugh Jass........he started a men's wear shop for oversized guys.....

Shank Fleming

Tom Canada is my choice also.

If I was a pornstar, my name would be Dick Woodcock. So I'll have to go with Pat Woodcock. 8)


oh right i forgot...Tom Canada is a pretty good name. How ironic that he's born in America and yet, plays in the Canadian Football League. Meant to be.

Ouch, good thing there's a blackout going on and I can't watch the stamps/lions game tonight, cause my team is getting murdered. Lions are iiiiinnnsaane. They've got some kind of mad cow disease from the Alberta Beef they must of eaten today.

Let's not forget "Wonderful Monds" from several years ago.