Cool Helmet site

Check out the CFL helmets here:

Nice link Mark 7.

Those Historic helmets brought back some great memories. Thanks! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Here are two more good sites: - This site got some helmets that I've never seen before (Miami Manatee's CFL helmet, the original San Antonio Texans helmet - the one that was supposed to enter with Sacramento in 1993, etc...) - This site has a really cool helmet graphic that is different from other sites (I've used a lot of these graphics to play my MaxFB CFL computer game)

Not helmets but really good: - Great logo site - there are logos here that I've not seen elsewhere

Favorite Helmet outta the ones on the site for CFL that is, is probably the Hamilton Tiger Cats September 4th one i think the should adopt that logo

Cool stuff, thanks guys!

Of course I wasn't a fan for anything back in the day, but it's always nice to see some history. Nice site. :thup: