Cool hearing the game on Y108

Enjoyed listening to the game at the gym and in the car last night...was cool. I liked Lancaster, too.

Crowd noise still seemed a bit underproduced, but wasn't too bad. Could still use another microphone out in the stadium tho.

Ronnie's mic was too low.

Add the real crowd noise that we'll have in a couple of weeks time and you won't be able to hear the guy.

Plus...flipping back and forth between Y and 'ML...Y missed several seconds after each time-out playing commercials that ran long.

Work out those kinks boys.

Not to mention the fact that they went to Alice Cooper immediately following the game. Had to switch to CHML for the 5th Q…

yeah, that's understandable though. I can definitely live with that. It is a rock station, not a sports/ news info channel.

As for the announcer mic's, I didn't notice ronnies...but, I usually like when the announcers have to talk over the crowd -- at least a little bit.

And yeah, did notice that after breaks you'd be catching them in mid-sentence. Guess that's what exhibition games are for.

I know...the inconvenience was intolerable.

The radio is so friendly. First time listening to a game on the radio.

I thought Ron's mic was a little low. I loved listening to the broadcast on FM, nice and clear. I had a Hockey game last night so I couldn't go to the game, but the FM signal was a much improved quality boost. I thought it was a good start.

Ron was great! Rick and Ron seem to have a good chemistry going.

I listened to the Y108 feed and think it's great the Cats are on FM.

Oski Wee Wee,

I listened to the game on CHML, only because when I put Y108 on they were talking about the Argo game and I thought that they were covering that one instead -oops! Obviously I have learned my lesson, and happily so because none of the stereos in my place will pick up CHML so I have no choice but to listen to the game online (meaning I have to stay by the computer, meaning I have to remain in the bedroom, which meant that I didn't make dinner until after the game was over - I was starving!!).

I'm thrilled that I can now listen to the game in various rooms of the house now and I don't have to worry about CHML cutting out after a period of time, at least not until we get to the 4th quarter.

I really enjoyed listening to Ron (I didn't know he was doing play by play this year and am excited to hear he's doing it all season). I like that not only do I now get a play by play of the game, but Ron likes to explain the plays as well - which while listening with "new" CFL/Cat games makes it easier on me since I get to spend less time explaining things, plus I even learn things I didn't necessarily know.
A few people I know signed up last year for a one night "course" Ron gave on the game, the rules, and the plays, and at the time I was jealous that I didn't know about it and didn't go since for me, there is almost always stuff to learn about this game - no matter how many years I've been a fan (which has been since I was probably a fetus). It may not be exactly the same thing, but I'm no longer jealous and saved the money it would have cost me to take the course.

Conclusion: TiCat games on both AM and FM stations, as well as the addition on Lancaster are a win - win situation!

it just finding a Good FM Radio now a days..
I am still looking

I was looking for a cheap, tiny, portable radio to bring to games. It was easier to find a portable FM radio than AM, so I'm glad they'll carry the games on FM this year.

It ain't fancy, but it picks up FM radio signals, weighs next to nothing, takes one AAA battery and fits in my pocket. Those were my main criteria. Not built to last generations, but it'll do the job.

Got it at the Dollar Store. Guess how much I paid for it. :wink:

I have one of those it was awfull..
Rather Pay for more for Better one..
Everytime I moved it Changed Stations.

I think reception on small radios in general is typically not the greatest.

If you're willing to spend $50 and up, there are some small radios by Sangean or Sony that supposedly offer better than average reception.

Try searching on google for reviews of the Sony SRFS84 and Sangean DT210V. Both receive AM and FM. They also both cost more than I wanted to spend, so I haven't tried either one firsthand.

The Sony SRFS84 may be the easier of the two to find. It's stocked on the website, so it may also be available at Sony Style retail locations.

I found some nice ones as The Source
I will try get one before the next home game.
all have a Digital Tuner and under 25.00 Canadian.

My cell phone has an FM radio so I can listen to it that way! Very convenient.