Cool CFL stuff on Ebay!

I was just looking on Ebay and saw a lot of really cool CFL stuff. There's some really nice wood bar signs with the different teams logos that look really cool. I may get a Renegades sign for my house. Somebody is even selling a Shreveport Pirates game worn helmet. It's nice to see cool merchandise out in CFL teams now. When I worked for Ottawa I tried to convince Bernie to get the league to go for a video game made by EA Sports in Vancouver. No one thought there would be any interest. Theres so much cool stuff out there and the CFL is finally getting into it! I think that's great!

I sell alot of CFL memorabilia on eBay. I have a massive collection that grows by the day. Right now I'm selling a game worn glove, signed by Henry GIZMO Williams. I also have a framed uncut sheet of 1982 Eskimo season tickets signed by Warren Moon on eBay right now. I'm always listing stuff.Type Edmonton Eskimos into the search on eBay. You'll find me.

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thanks for the link