Cookie suffered from severe brain damage

This confirms what so many who knew him personally thought.

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Poor fellow.
His post career life must have been very difficult having suffered 4th stage CTE since his 30's.

Cookie was one of the few players to completely dominate in both Canada and the U.S.
An unstoppable force to be reckoned with no doubt.

This disease must have terribly affected his cognitive temperament as he is the only athlete to turn down being enshrined into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum, because of what he described as racism and exploitation by management.
(even though most black players came to Canada to escape such racism in the U.S.)

And on another occasion he stated that he refused entry into the Canadian Hall of Fame on account that he did not believe he was paid well enough for his service, thus revealing the irrational thought processes.

RIP Cookie.

I wonder if the powers that be for selecting HoF inductees, could legally waive Cookie's decision, "not to be enshrined)

due to his brain damage at the time. It is possible that his family would have permission to speak on his behalf.

I say this because my wife and I are allowed to make decisions for our mentally impaired daughter. This was all set up

by our lawyer.

Cookie Gilchrist truly belongs in the Hall of Fame.

agreed agreed and agreed.

The Academy Awards (Oscars) pick winners in each category regardless whether the recipient accepts the statue or not.

The CFHOF should do likewise.
It is a tragedy that Gilchrist is not enshrined.
The nation, his friends and family would be honored I'm certain.

Unfortunate for sure but there's nothing here to say his reasoning abilities were impaired. I agree with Gilchrist that he was under-appreciated, under-paid and a victim of racism and that's what he stated on many occasions. His decision to turn down the HOF inductions were reasonable given his feelings on how he'd been treated. It's not up to us or the HOF to over-rule his wishes based on speculation that his decisions were impaired by his brain injuries. He deserves to be in the HOF but his wishes must be respected.

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It's too bad for sure. I would think conferring with all of his family members and coming to a conclusive consensus would be needed before proceeding against his long-standing wishes.

While he may have turned down induction in the CFHOF (whether neurologically impaired or not) he is still eligible for induction in the rather recent (2 year old) Hamilton Sports Hall of Fame. All it takes is one fan (or hopefully a tsunami of them) to complete the nomination form. Now that he is no longer with us he can't turn down that honour...

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I'm not sure how he would feel about being inducted, but perhaps his family, might be very pleased to accept the nomination in his place.


This ads more to the fire...

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I've had many conversations with Cookie about what happened and when. Most of it well-documented but nothing stands out more than the interview he did in 2003 where he stated that "if the people of Canada...if the Canadian football fans want me to be in the Hall Of Fame then I will accept".

He never, really "turned it down". Can you imagine how he felt, when he was TOLD..."you be a good boy and don't make waves".

Knowing Cookie and how proud a man he was...that was just another insult.

It's high time we right a wrong. Induct Cookie in 2012...there is a will and a way!

Excellent link Woody.

I'm a little to young to remember seeing him play, but I do remember hearing my elders speak about him during his stay in Hamilton. He was one of the best ever and it is a dirty rotten shame that he isn't in the CFHOF.


That about sums it up :wink: It's going to take some media getting involved and getting the story out there. Very few fans and even fewer players are aware of him and what he accomplished. He was way ahead of his time.

well, if these statements by Gilchrist are verified by Scholtis and McRae, then he should be added to the ballot.

It is an injustice to keep the man his memory and accomplishments deserve induction.