Cookie Gilchrist Passes away

Cookie Gillchrist was the greatest running back I have ever witnessed in the CFL. He more than held
his own in the NFL as well.

He will be missed. Condolences to his family.

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By Larry Scholtis Fri Mar 11 2011

Remembering Cookie Gilchrist

This writer was an 8 year old boy when a 19 year old Cookie was a boarder in his home.


Every time I read stories about Cookie it strikes me how blithely unaware I was
of what Cookie personally was going through as a black man back in those days,

As a naive 19 year old "the man" took away his opportunity to choose
from among 108 U.S. college football scholarship offers on a technicality

and he comes to a foreign country to earn a living in a semi-pro league.

I now "take with a grain of salt" the stories in the press of him as an angry black man.

8) I remember as a child, meeting Cookie one time when he was selling Christmas trees from a vacant lot in Westdale.
 He was always looking for any business opportunities that would enable him to make a few bucks on the side.

 Cookie was quite the guy, that is for sure !!


Truly one of the greatest CFL and NFL RBs.
Sorry to see him leave Hamilton, then the CFL, and now us all.