Cookie Gilchrist Passes away


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I am happy that I actually got to see him play. Truly one of the greats of the CFL and AFL

My father-in-law, who had season's tickets from 1954, always felt that Cookie should head the all-time Ticat roster.

From wikipedia "In his six years in the CFL, Gilchrist was a divisional All-Star at running back five consecutive years from 1956 to 1960 (there were no All-Canadians selected in those years) and was also an Eastern All-Star at linebacker in 1960. In his CFL career, Gilchrist gained 5111 rushing yards"

Oskee wee wee

When I was only 3 years old, I'm told I was sitting on his knee. Anyway, after my dad died, I contacted him to tell him, and that I have his first pro trophy he won..."the Jim Shanks Memorial Trophy"... MVP, Sarnia Imperials 1954. It's since been donated to the Canadian Football Hall Of Fame.

I'll never forget that conversation. After introducing myself as one of Joe's boys, he said "your father was a fine man...I'm sorry to hear that...which one are you?" I explained that I was the youngest boy.

Then this..."How's your mom?" I said ,"fine" which he replied "Can you imagine what it was like for a black man from the US to sit at your kitchen table in 1954...and enjoy a second piece of pie"?

We became friends...talked regularly on the phone and my wife and I visited him near his home town of Breckenridge PA.

Cookie was controvercial during his playing time and even more after he quit playing. Not one to ever "take any crap"...he spoke up about civil rights long before it was "fashionable".

For right or for wrong...I wish him to Rest In Peace.

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......sorry to hear about the loss of your friend Woody.

too bad a About cookie RIP

Thanks for writing that up Woody. :thup:

My condolences to his loved ones. RIP

In football there’s a term called “getting run over” and Cookie was the guy that could do that for you…Thanks for all the great games Cookie. :thup:

Condolences to Cookie's family. R.I.P Cookie.

Cookie, to paraphrase what one of your Buffalo Bills team-mates said in in a U.S. newspaper today

'if ever there was a superman on the football field it was you.'

I sure was awestruck by your play on the football field in my youth.

I've always been intrigued at how Cookie Gilchrist also made history off of the football field when he turned down an invitation to be inducted into the Canadian Football Hall Of Fame. He certainly had his valid reasons for doing that and stuck to his guns. At the same time, you had to admire the fact that he had the balls to stand up to the powers that be in the CFL. In my mind (and many others, I'm sure), Cookie will always be a Hall Of Famer. :cowboy:


Oski Wee Wee,


R.I.P Cookie .

As a teenager, my brother had a part-time job with Hank Martin who catered the TiCat training table at the HAAA Grounds. After practice he helped serve meals to the players and was able to get many autographs into my Tiger Cat scrapbook. I can still remember many of the names : Faloney, Trimble, Scott, McDougall, Elias, Bevan, etc.. As a youngster, the one name that stood out for me was Cookie Gilchrist. The perfectly formed letters reminded me of the letters of the alphabet that hung above the blackboard in my elementary school. The Notre Dame nuns should have hired Cookie to teach penmanship.

I no longer have the scrapbooks but I can still remember Jim Trimble's twin fullbacks, Big Gerry McDougall and Cookie Gilchrist. Rest in peace, Cookie, and thanks for taking the time to sign a young kid's book of heros and dreams.

Pat Lynch(the old guy who used to be a young guy)

I was looking at Gilchrist's stats on his days playing football. Very impressive. My thoughts are with his loved ones.

A very good post, Woody. Thanks for that.

Cookie Gilchrist played before my time, but my condolences go out to all those who knew him.

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Lookie, lookie he comes Cookie!

Those who played against him say

he was like a locomotive barreling towards you.

Although he turned down the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, there is one honour that he earned, that he could not turn down: Life Hall of Fame.

Too bad more people don't earn admission. :wink:

Of my fond memories of Cookie, one stands out, but I'm real fuzzy on the details.

I seem to recall (and I do stand to be corrected), that once, in a game, Cookie was a bit out of breath, so he took himself off the field and sat on the bench. No one noticed apparently, and the team played a man short for one play as he hadn't told anyone. Don't know what team has he was playing it at the time. . . anyone recall that incident?

I have one memory of Cookie Gilchrist too. It's a bit fuzzy now, I was a little kid at the time. It must have been about 1958 or 1959. Cookie was playing for the Argos. There was one play where some sort of controversy occurred and the players from the Ticats and Argos were shoving and pushing each other. Angelo Mosca got really mad, tore off his helmet and stormed up to Cookie, hollering and ready to get into it. Cookie, who still had his helmet on, looked at Angelo and without any hesitation hauled off and punched him hard in the face. Just one punch. Angelo went down like a ton of bricks. Not knocked out or anything, but it was a really short fight! Then, I remember some voice nearby in the crowd yelled out, "OK Mosca, now hit him with your purse!!" Everybody really laughed.

A Cookie story my Dad told me.....The Cats are playing the Argos who are led by their high-priced quarterback Ronnie Knox aka"The Golden Boy". Gilchrist is playing linebacker and intercepts a Knox pass. Instead of trying to deke Knox out, Cookie proceeds to run right over Knox, stepping right on his chest , on his way to the endzone!!!