Controversy over the Luongo = "Luuuu" chant?

Does anyone care that Canucks fans have ripped off the Lui Pasaglia chant?

For more background on this pressing issue:


Not a burning issue for me.

If this constitutes a "pressing issue" for anyone, I would highly recommend restructuring one's priorities.....

It's a chant for a player's nickname, for crying out.....

Lube guy, you are an absolute Moron.

good thing you didnt say he $ucked, else you be censored :lol:


The Chicago Bulls have also stolen the "Loooooou" chant in support their offensive dynamo Luol Deng.

Sports fans around the world seem to have decided the "Loooou" chant is up for grabs.

Will no one defend the honour of Lui Passaglia's chant!!!???

Difference is that those guy's names have LUO in it , or at least the same LOU sound . That is their names! You are just trying to justify your stupid campaign to drag Geroy's name through the mud with your dumb business slogan! As if you care that Louongo's fans are chanting his NAME (an abbreviation of it) also , which they have a right to do BTW! Geroy's name is not LOU!Or even remotely sounds like it!

Why don't you just give it up , can't you see how stupid every person that has replied thinks your idea is?

Just look at it this way, everyone wants to be like the lions, but they cant, so they do the next best thing. Consider it a form of flattery.

Think about it... whats more popular to the city of Vancouver at the moment, the Canucks or the Lions? Too bad its the canucks

Go canucks go!

For me that chant for Luongo is good for the Lions. Whenever it is heard it reminds the crowd of Lui Passaglia. Great marketing. Now if Luongo sucked, it might be something to be concerned about but he doesn't.

I think it's great. Those of us who fondly chanted for Passaglia will always remember where it originated. And if anyone deserves to carry the torch, Luongo certainly fits the bill.