Controversy in Calgary?

When Glenn started after Tate's injury a lot of Stamps fans were hoping for his dismisal. A lot of outsiders said give it until after LD. Well, Glenn has been pretty good overall, despite some early struggles (INT for TD). He has the Stamps chasing down the Lions. If they win with him at the Helm next week, I think it makes the decision pretty easy.


Will there be a QB controversy once Tate is back for a few weeks?
excuse my perennial ignorance, but what do you mean "once Tate is back for a few weeks?" :? and when is Drew slated to return to the lineup? I had previously thought he was out for the season as many reports dictated.

regardless, Glenn is performing more than admirably for the Stamps, and admittedly far above my expectations as well.
If Tate were to return this year, it may be unwise to replace the player who was/is instrumental to the teams' onfield success.

IMO, they should ride the KG wave into the playoffs, and if he falters, you have a very astute replacement in DT.

As for next season, the Stamps could keep both QB's (finances permitting) or trade Glenn to shore up lineup weaknesses.

But if Glenn leads them to the Cup, there is definitely a controversy in spring camp.

when is Drew slated to return to the lineup?
He was dressed last game as a 3rd stringer.

I f KG continues to impress then he will be played. Nothing changes as far as DT goes, he may be the future, he's young but all things being equal if KG is a success they I believe it could easily be 2 QB system until something changes. That shoulder is going to need time to heal properly. And I believe Glenn would be ok with what ever is decided.

Tate just had surgery in mid July. There is no way he should be playing. If he takes one wrong hit to his shoulder his career is in jepardy. Remember Jessy Lumsden !! I am really surprised he is even dressing. !! What is the Calgary Coaching Staff thinking ??

You dance with the lady that brought you there. If Glenn continues to win and gets them to the playoffs it would be foolish of Huffnagel to switch them.

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well after this weekend in BC we will see if Kevin Glenn will be able to lead Calgary over BC. Corey Chamblain Chaaleged the Riders to stop Cornish making Kevin Glenn beat them he could not. Drew Tate if he is back into playing form Should go back to starter.

Tate's been progressing ahead of schedule, but he's set up as the third stringer and won't be getting playing time yet.

Honestly I don't expect to see him much if at all this year. Glenn is playing well and there's no reason to risk further injury to Tate.

Risking a Tate return would be sheer stupidity. Its not as if their fighting for the last playoff spot. Even if Glenn has a sub par performance against the Lions I don't expect Huffer to deviate from using Glenn. He's 2 points out of first, no complaints there.

Tate shouldn't see any action this year unless the 2 QB's ahead of him go down.

Naylor was just saying that Glenn’s the starter for the rest of the season. Apparently Tate would only see the field in garbage time or if there’s a meaningless game in the last two weeks. The reason being that he hasn’t played in a while, so he’d get some game time reps to shake off tbe rust. Makes sense to me.

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