Controlling Football Ops Costs

There has been some mention that the CFL is unbalanced: Too small SMS for players VS bloated unchecked costs for coaches , front office. The thought being that players could receive more if teams were under control in other areas.

What could be done to control the costs associated with football ops? Lets just begin with how the league could control the team costs of: GM, HC, 3 Coordinators and Position Coaches ( probably around 6-7/team).

Admittedly a guess:

SMS is $5.1 M

GM through to Position Coaches: $1.7M ( not accounting for dead salary payment:) 33% of SMS

What if direct costs of GM thru to Position coaches are limited to 33% of SMS?

Boost the SMS cap by a couple (or a few) million, and put all of football ops into it. Then you have an entire football structure under that, and if teams will have to choose how much should go to players vs ops.

Right now, ops is the only side of the ledger that can grow to give yourself an on field advantage, and it is growing as a result.

Interesting, and perhaps the best way forward. Unfortunately, I don't see the CFLPA going for this. A separate SMS cap on operations might work, though.