Control Center not making sure all players who are in scrum are dealt with

What a joke. Command Center seen the 2 handed helmet rip off and Demski punch. Can call off an offside call but not get involved in safety matters during game. Just shows the joke the cfl referees and command Center can be.

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The league should be ashamed of themselves. A big game for both sides and they skew the field by allowing Harris to stay while kicking two riders out

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This isn't something that they can explain away

Last game the booth on its.own overturned an off side call.that really impacted the game. The booth was correct in their ruling as the play wasn't off side.

Last game the officials called a roughing the kicker penalty that after huddling they still.made. thankfully it was overturned on appeal.

The problem with the roughing the kicker that even a child officiating would know better. Once the kick has completed and the kicker joins the play they are no longer a kicker other than no yards does not apply to them. That wasn't a missed call ...that was a blatant incorrect application of the rule and points to a level of incompetence that is disturbing

Call it illegal block or uneccessary roughness but this call I thought was one of the most bizarre and embarrassing to the CFL in years

That was until today

The booth clearly could have stepped in and it was clear in regards to a helmet being ripped off. They had enough of a view that they ejected 2 riders by means of applying maximum penalty ( ejection ) but made.a clear.decision not to eject Harris for an action that was clearly worse.

What's the rules now? One could argue there is zero consistency and very poor application and understanding of both the on field and booth officials

In just my view this can't be fixed..... its that bad.

Any explain or justify is going 5o worse.

The CFL needs to own it and fix it. I would like to see them openly state they and they alone are to blame for the actions in question the last 2 games and take immediate fix it.

The CFL needs to be clear on what the booth can review abd when.... and then do it equally and across the board

Fir this game Harris should face suspension and the CFL should acknowledge that this should have occurred. Going forward if it isn't already reviewable they need to add that teams can challenge a play they feel should have led to a players ejexrion and have the booth review.

If they had the riders could have tossed.the.challenge flag.and Harris would have been tossed ...... which is what should have happened

The only saving grace is these blunders did not cause the loses..... the riders have been flat and in this game lost their letting the bombers get in their heads


[quote="nythril, post:3, topic:73147"]
...n challenge a play they feel should have led to a players ejexrion and have the booth review.If they had the riders could have tossed.the.challenge flag.and Harris would have been tossed ...... which is what should have happenedThe only saving grace is these blunders did not cause the loses..... the riders have been flat and in this game lost their letting the bombers get in their head

I agree a suspension is warranted however they will be able to dress another player to replace him where the riders were left short handed. Would Winnipeg have had the 3rd quarter they did without the key runs Harris had we will never know but the consistency needs to change otherwise this league will lose more fans because of it. I love the CFL but this makes it hard to watch any games on the tube or in person. But just 1 guys opinion. Or is it

They won't suspend him. I'm.sure the CFL reviewed.the film in the half and if they had any intent on a suspension he would have been flagged more.than once in the second

The issue it they have now opened.pandoras box on intent.

Stomp on someone head ..... let.the ref.know you simply wanted to deliver a late.hit.not a.ejextable hit so you can only be punished for what you intended to do and not what actually happened

They are calling this simply face masking which negates the resulting removal of the helmet .

They really only had 2 choices...... it was either ripping a helmet off or grabbing the facmask with intent to insure....... in both cases an ejection

Rhe players ejected could equally say their intent was to miss when they tried to punch and to actually chest bump.themselves.....
They accidentally hit the other player . Which is ludicrous and makes the non ejection on Harris such a major issue in my opinion

Intent to injure that is

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Well, it almost makes one think that the league doesn’t want the riders in the league anymore after that kerfluffle. That is very odd.

It's likely that after review the league suspends Harris for a game.

Well they reviewed an offside in the Toronto room, certainly they seen the replay right in front of their faces. Seems to be a double standard against certain teams . And what good does it do now that the game is settled . No discipline. At game time, thus ensuring the blue team won.

Exactly. You allowed the Bombers top RB to go against a second string defensive lineman and allowed Lawler to go against a third string DB. Then we wonder why the game was so lopsided.

Toss in a horse collar that put out our QB and this is the result.

Not saying we would've won but the game was very even until that point. Piss poor officiating tipped the scales

Just remember who was the head ref... and you know how he ref's our games, all in fav. of the other teams. Always!! He should be removed as a ref and his squad!! Had to play a good team in the bombers but also play against the ref's you are doomed to lose!! Also why is it that the bombers always take out our QB's ???

If he appeals it he would in my opinion win

Unlike other after game.susoemsioms there is nothing new to add to this. On the field the officials.woth all.the facts and with the booth made the interpretation that the play did not warrant anything further then 15 yards

Most supplemental discipline is based on new evidence such as reviewing missed video, or reviewing the incident after thr ejection to determine if more was needed , and in some cases what the injury is that the play caused.

With Harris fining or suspending him would on appeal be argued that he is being Scape.goated to cover the officials error and as.such no further disciples to thr player post game should be considered unless new evidence is presented

I don't think we can compare previous incidents were post game discipline occurred because new evidence was viewed with this which if they do.suspend him would be admission that they failed 6o apply the rules equally and am sorry so a make up call

And as for the booth...... of they can call down and overturn an off side o e challenged then there is ZERO excuses for not getting this right...... and in fact in the same.first game why didn't the booth in their own call.down and stop play on the roughing the kicker call ?

With all the pushing and shoving, are we sure they saw it?

Actually watching the whole thing, the delay to sort out the penalties there was little to no talk amongst the zebras. They were just standing around waiting while both teams stood around them waiting for a couple of minutes. If the officials were sorting it out they would have huddled up to talk and told the players to back off. They didn't huddle, they didn't talk they just stood there like loitering in the smoke pit with the players all around. This tells me that it probably wasn't the game officials decision. They were obviously waiting for a word from the command center. Maybe they were asking for a clarification from the command center? Or maybe just maybe the command center took over and told them who stays in the game and who goes?

Either way, it was handled quite poorly. Marino slapped a guy in the hat. That is grounds for a DQ. Hendy yanked a guy from behind and slammed him on the ground (a Rob Murphy special) that I can understand a DQ. But for Harris to grab Campbell by the bars and twist his lid off and NOT get tossed? That was easily the worst act committed on camera and the one most likely to cause an injury.

League fumbles it again.

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