Makes the CFL look bush league when a player returning from an NFL camp has multiple opportunities and is signed to an expensive deal for a 5 or 6 game run and the following years contract only to be released prior to the following season.

Quincy McDuffie prime example. Word was Bombers were outbid by Ottawa. Injured or stashed on ir who knows. Puts McDuffie in a tough spot to find a job again and for sure not at the number he got for the prorated season.

Perhaps time to revisit the non guaranteed contract arrangement. I've heard it come up so assume there is something going on with the CFLPA. Seems credibility related and something most would consider in a negative light.

Just saying.

Whats that? Another instance where the PA totally fails its members? Seen this movie before unfortunately


What do you thing the odds are that the players voting on the agreement are going to vote in guaranteed contracts and inevitably take money out of their own pockets as a part of that?

Not sure how it works any other way but this way does suck. Seems most other pro sports are binding contracts.

Some of the contract related cuts so far this year have been a bit odd. Makes me think the league is taking a closer look at sms compliance which is a good thing.

To me the right approach to the game is to enjoy and to use it as a stepping stone in building a career ala Randy Ambrosie. Much more money to be made after the playing days are over provided a foundation is there. To come along and think you will play a few years and have enough to be a sport the rest of your days seems naive and short sighted.

It all trickles down to the fan in the end.

Are you saying that teams would not spend to the cap if they had to guarantee their deals?

I think it would work to the advantage of the better managers and improve the league.

Also understand that the player needs to do his part.

Seems a fine line. Just sucks that Ottawa could mess with the Bombers and the player by not following through on their promise. Many other scenarios. It was not an eight year deal where things can change dramatically.

Anyway... just saying

No, I am saying that if contracts were guaranteed that you have to leave more room for players you replace. Every team has players they have to part ways with for one reason or another over the course of a season...falling out, NFL cuts become available, simply not working out, etc. Teams would need to set aside say 250k extra for "new blood" during the season...or rather paying out the departing player so that the new blood can come in, and that is money the voting vets won't see a piece of.

A player 100% has the right to say "I am not injured" and the team either has to dress or release that player. You see a few guys refuse to go on it, but not many...Barrin Simpson is a good example from I think 2009...he refused, CFL said the Bombers could not IRL him.

The IRL is abused...I have complained about this as much as anyone and been an advocate that it should be vetted by independent CFL sanctioned doctors...but it isn't.

Why is it every time the league does something a fan does not like or agree with, they say its bush league? Contracts are not guaranteed in the NFL either…Is the NFL bush league as well?

Players know what they are getting into when they sign a contract.They know they can be cut at anytime but not one of them has ever said…No! I don’t agree to these terms…I’m going to flip burgers instead!

This happens in the real world as well…I know people who have left their jobs for better opportunity with a new company only to be laid off 6 months later because the new company decided to restructure…Its called life, no-one is crying for them

Why is it that when a unionised bus driver goes on strike for better conditions, they are all lazy bums…but unionized athletes get full support from Joe public?

A CEO making 15 million a year is an outrage, yet a pro athlete making 15 million is being ripped off?

One more thing. I am not referring to any specific poster because I don't remember everyone's position but how many people supported Wilder when he wanted to be released to try the NFL?

You want the league to guarantee a player's contract, but at the same time the player should be allowed to break that contract for more money in the NFL?

You tell em Ro :slight_smile:

Well...that is simply not true. There are lots that say no and never come to the CFL. Matt Dunigan recently spoke about this fairly liberally on TSN

I do agree with your sentiment overall though.

NFL doesn't have the mid to late season additions like the CFL so it's not quite the same. More teams and larger rosters play a part. No one is coming back to the NFL from a more highly revered world league type for the stretch run.

The CFL prorated contract doesn't amount to a significant amount which allows GM's to load up and also be more aggressive in blocking other teams moves.

Not an NFL guy so not sure if the same goes on there.

Finally why is the alternative to playing pro sports always have to be flipping burgers?

Yup, the 'bush league" thing is an easy way to take a shot at the league and its fans, and the people who do so always seem to overlook the same flaw in other "non-bush" leagues.

My experience is the complete opposite. I find Joe Public usually sides with the unionized wage earners who go on strike but then rails against the spoiled millionaire athletes who do the same. And Joe Public usually finds a rich CEO acceptable but deems a rich athlete an overpaid burger flipper.

These contracts are not "broken" by the CFL I would say.

No doubt the language is in there allowing teams to sever the relationship and what monies are "guaranteed" regardless of circumstance.

But clearly the CFL is known as a league that will offer monies that they can obviously not pay. Agents no doubt get everything they can get up front.

The NFL offers a certain amount of "guaranteed" monies to the player signed as a rule.

I think Kirk Cousins recent deal with the Vikings is the first fully guaranteed contract in NFL history. $84 Mil.

Thank you everyman. That is what I was trying to say is an underhanded move by GMs. Marcel Desjardin as good as any in the game.

No big deal. Same rules apply to both sides.

Players play and managers manage. It's the agents who broker the deals.

Good call pete

Just read about Trent Richardson having a fully guaranteed contract with Oakland so the blanket statement doesn't apply. Kirk Cousins Viking deal is guaranteed also.

He is currently with the Riders, not Raiders, is he not?