Contract technicallity?????

So much for a contract is a contract:

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CKNW has learned that CFL Rookie of the year and defensive player of the year Cameron Wake is trying to get out of his contract with the Lions. Wake led the CFL with 15 sacks and was the top defensive lineman in the country.

He has one year plus an option left on his contract, and is attracting NFL interest. His agent has found a technicality in his contract after consulting with the CFLPA.

The Players Association has told Wake that if he wants to go to arbitration. He has to pay his own way.

Wake can not go to the NFL under the current collective bargaining agreement until after next season.

Lions coach and GM Wally Buono and Wake’s agent held long talks yesterday that were classified as positive.

The CFLPA finds a loop hole! :roll: :roll:

I love how they said he could go to arbitration. We all know how well that’s worked out in the past. Goodbye, Wake! :lol:

Seems to me its the CFLPA and his agent that says he can go.
I dont think the league even has to agree to it.

Oh, I know. I'm just saying, the arbitration process always seems to go in favour of the player, so more than likely if Wake does go that way, we'll be seeing him in the NFL next season.

doesnt seem to be much integrity in the lions locker room these days, sigh

I guess I'm showing my age. I remember when you could talk to a person, shake his hand, look him in the eye, take his word, and trust him.

Contract's and handshake's dont exist any more I guess. :? :? :? :? :?

The agents involved, you know it's strickly a money thing then. He wants out early but the NFL opportunity will still be there next season like it was for Hebert. A few more ducats in his pocket this season will make the wait much less painful.

Ha ha ha got to love it. Hey I know a great arbitrator here in Calgary. Has no knowledge of football. He will certainly get Wake out of that one. Couldn't happen to a better team. Come on dirt bag wally let him out his contract.

...its sad Sport but you are right on....contracts don't seem to mean much anymore and in this case, the integrity of the player is at stake also ...Once again it's cash ultimately that rules the day...and i guess that's really the name of the game..Why have a contractural agreement signed by a player....when it seems not to matter... :roll: :roll:

not that you would ever have the guts to say that to wally's face eh.

Just because an agent says there is a loophole doesn't mean there is one. And if there is, then its the fault of the lions for not writing it up properly.

I suggest we wait before passing judgement on the future of "Contracts"

Never stopped me before.

I agree Ro, but now the arbitration is basically a joke this will be used more often to get these guys what they want. I now see that Taman made the right decision in the situation they had there.

Just a quick heads-up to FYB and 05, you guys won’t be continuing your argument in this thread. I’m just looking for an excuse to edit posts. :wink:

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CKNW reported on this mornings Sportscast that Cameron Wake is already on his way (Driving) to training camp. So looks like everything is settled. :thup:

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I think the quote was wanting two more Grey Cup rings before going to the NFL. :lol: :lol: :lol:

So he's going to steal McCallum's and Geroy's rings while they are out practicing, and then it's off to The Show, baby!

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Wanting two more rings? I thought Wake was a rookie last year...? :wink:

Sohe's already stolen someone's ring. No wonder he wants out of BC.

I'll bet that's who Jiminez was really trying to roll on last year.