Contract Mania 06

While the rest of the league goes on Holiday there's some midnight oil burning on Bank Street.

Outstanding work on the KJ contract drive, and the new theme at work here....very little talk and lots of action coming out of the chute.

Bet J. Ranek and C. Banks are filling out a nice long Christmas wish list and bet it is something similar to the new lads at Frank Clair who are keen to sign em up.

Strong Draft Year, new energy, new coaching ,....All I want for Christmas is a play off game come next November!

How about all those Free Agent camps already completed, fire up the forge and start shaping the iron, the Renegade Nation buzz is feeling good!

I would bet as of right now that George Hudson, and Josh Ranek won't be back. Also Korey Banks will be gone to the NFL. Hopefully there will be some good free agents to pick up.

I appreciate the enthusiasm Outlaws and I hope Josh and Hudson get signed but I'm also thinking Banks is headed south.
But I hope the no talk and all action phase keeps up too!