Contract Lengths/Getting Jersey

I was wondering if there was a site that told you the length of CFL player's contracts. Ive looked but can not find. Ive had a Ti-Cats jersey for three years and have yet to get a name put onto it. The turnover of players in the CFL (especially the Ti-Cats haha) is big so I've always been afraid to get a name crested on. Now i feel i should but i would like to be able to compare contract lengths of the players I am deciding between. I would appreciate any form of help.

porter should be a safe bet

knock on wood

Just get Stripes 00


What I did was got a player that has alredy played and retired A ticat!

Most Players Sign a 2 year plus an Option for a 3rd.
I got my Own name on my Main Jersey
also have a Corry Holmes #3 Autographed by Him

I felt the same thing after my Lumsden jeresey was rendered ineffective.

So I bought a new style jeresy but put my all-time favorite players name on it.

So I now have a new style jeresey with #53 and Montford on it. He never wore this new jeresey but who cares?!? I think that makes it even better.

Porter or Rodriguez are safe bets.

Also guys like Carlson or Rottier should be for a long time.

If you are a gamblin' person, a Bruce jersey would be awesome.

I am getting my fiancee's #4 Tay Cody jersey re-nameplated and turning it in to a Arland Bruce jersey!

Beats the hockey tape we have been rocking on our shirts for the last two games!

  • paul

ps. I am in the process of getting a #14 Cobb t-shirt made up to go along with this:

Foam Corn Head

Labour Day here I come!

There are a lot of McManus jerseys out there, those also could be turned into Cobb jerseys.

That is true, but I’d rather not desecrate a Danny Mac jersey. Plus they usually aren’t the new style jersey anyways.

No big deal. It’s nothing a t-shirt and few iron on numbers and letters can’t solve!

  • paul

So Onknight, you have a Holmes on Holmes :wink:

I have a few different jerseys that either I bought or Santa Claus (the kids) brought. One day I'll get my own last name on the one jersey. Normally I will wear my Flutie jersey from the McManus era (that began last century) but at the BC game I saw womething that I thought was hillarious

Two guys in the next row both had spent the big bucks on Jason Maas jerseys. Red Green would be proud ............... they had silver duct tape neatly covering the name. So very indicative of the non-descript perforance he gave us for those few years. I joked with others that the #11 experience was so bad the Cats didn't anyone with the number this year :>)))

If anyone does ever have a jesey they want renamed I have had it done before with hockey jerseys and you can do one of two things.

#1 put a solid colour screen over top of the existing name and then the name you want (white and black work best)
#2 sew a cloth patch over top of the existing name and then the name you want (not as nice as #1)

For the gold jerseys I don't know if they have a gold colour screen they can use ........ maybe a black screen with white or yellow print.

Are there any screen printers or uniform suppliers out there that have more suggestions short of buying a new jersey :>)))

Cheers & have a great day

Have a gold Casey Printers jersey, think its time to turn it into a Davis jersey....

The best one I've seen was at the Retro game that I went to.

Some guy had a #28 Lumsden jersey but he used tape (?) to turn the name into "Bumsden".

Lot of 28 Lumsden jerseys should soon be Johnson jerseys.

8) A wise move indeed !!!! :wink:

Funny fact...

I've worn my Ticats jersey to more games than Jesse has!

Why would Jesse wear your jersey to games? :wink:



I've worn #28 at Ticats games more times than Jesse has. And I live 5 hours away!

I purchased Shawn Kings game jersey a few years ago. As it turned out the jersey became Quinton Porter
number. The game jersey is much double stiched with sew on team logos. A great purchase than can be changed to Quinton Porter with a new name plate. I will in time has this jersey framed.