Contract Extensions fall outside Salary Cap???

Hope some one can help me with this?

I read that BC is trying to get contract extensions on players already signed to multi year deals. The reason behind that was because Contracts were signed before the Salary Cap was in place and any extension wouldn't apply.

Maybe I'm getting old and senile or didn't read it right. But doesn't the salary cap apply to the Team's budget for salaries spent in the "fiscal year / season"? So it shouldn't matter when the contract was signed, its still a salary expense for that particular year.

Only signing bonus's might be excluded.

Am I reading this wrong, or understanding it wrong? Is there an expert out there that can clarify?

DG you always seem to locate these topics. reason Sporty is the owner may want to rewrite and front-end load that existing contract now to allow more cap room in the later years, like Tucker's current contract.......let's say you have a current player who just signed a $100K per year contract for three years....that's $100K this year, next year and '08.........if you rewrite that contract to say pay the player $200K this year, then $50K for '07 and $50K for '08 you've just freed up $50K in each of those seasons.......

Signing bonuses should be included.
The contract could read 1$ salary and $500.000 bonus.

I think signing bonuses are included in the cap.

I think GMs are using big signing bonuses to entice players to sign long-term, low-priced contracts. The bonus would count under this year's total, when there is no penalty for exceeding the cap. Then they have the player locked up for a number of years, at a discount price, when the cap becomes enforced next season.

Thanks guys....All made sense, and R&W explanation seems to make sense of what I read.

really we arent going to see any parity in payrolls among the teams for at least 3 years, but by then the cap will have increased, so really the haves will continue to out spend the have nots..........I believe that was point number 2 in my salary cap bad post, teams will become better cheaters at getting around the penalities...........

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