Contract b2 ntworks form CFL online!

I was checking my hotmail the other day and I got a survey for the B2 networks, the network that show the AHL online, about the AHL broadcast. I then e-mailed the B2 networks back and suggested to them that they contract Tom Wright and try and get a deal with the CFL to show games online. I got a reply back that said that they were concerned about the TV deal the CFL already has. I replied that their are some people that can’t see the CFL despite the deal (either they are over seas or their college just doesn’t get the channels). Plus some games were televised at all. I also replied that their are more people interested in seeing the CFL online. So, I’m asking you guys to contract the B2 networks to convince them to show CFL games online. I know that we can do it!


who did you contact?