Continuation of Football in Canada

I think the days of a bubble in any given sport are almost over. There is chatter about the NHL division in Canada, and I don't know maybe Canada is rabid enough about hockey that the players would do it again, but from down here I don't see it on this side of the border again.

I don't think the NBA players are going to repeat their bubble experience either if it comes down to it.

I am too. I've changed my view in 3 weeks in thinking about year-to-year right now.

Are we better off now than last April? Most definitely.

But did any of you think last April, as I did not, that we would be where we are now in April 2021? Honest answers now and if you are a doomsdayer type, well you are always right so you don't count.

One year from now in April 2022, I except far more to be better. But now I also expect in some capacity that is a routine annoyance, be it still masks at work or stores still not open regular hours like now, we'll still be dealing with this crap.

The talk is that the NHL will extend the season to mid May for the Canadian teams to catch up to the US teams, particular for Vancouver. The US teams will go on with their playoffs while the Canadian teams finalize their regular season

I take the opposite view. In December there was such optimism amidst 4 vaccines looming globally but only 2 in the West. The other two are in Russia and in China.

Now look where we are. We have progress, but it so disappointing.

With time variants have arisen stronger. I don't see that more vaccines is going to solve new challenges at all despite improvements for many more all this spring in the US. It's gonna be awhile longer folks.

Well besides pressing ABORT, that's certainly better but will make for a season even stranger than 2020 with hockey in the summer.

In either case, hockey without fans generally sucks. Even watching my Golden Knights last week with a few fans in the stands made it so much better to watch and you could sense the better energy in the arena and on the rink.

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I think people's expectations were too high in December hence whatever measure were put were removed too soon. So much progress was lost in short order.

Things have picked up allot even here on the vaccines front. Ontario had a record day with vaccinations. Went from last per capita when they started to 3rd best in short order. Quebec is 2nd so I think the east is has a good shot for a later season start.

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Wont happen out east
They have full 28 days stay home here

Then (min) 1 month grey to red zone
No way ON or PQ hit "normal" this year

(Now I do suspect many will protest and engage in civil disobedience but I can't see a team supporting that)

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The rates are way down

Look at ICU and death counts

I am mystified why people care about the vast number of asymptomatic cases

Well the cause for concern there is the potential for transmission and everybody is going to react differently.

You do have a point though in that even those vaccinated can transmit the virus though they are at high probability protected from its effects.

How that latter problem is solved I am not sure as I hear this bantering about herd immunity as the politicians, be they real ones or doctors turned politicians, already have been practicing how to move those goal posts in the media.

I think there will be a season, likely a very short one but there will be one.

I have no doubt our new friends at the XFL will ensure we have something. Even if it means doing something like the Toronto Blue Jays and playing outside Canada, or a mini bubble.

By fall the situation will be different and hopefully vaccination in full swing, if so I am confident they will squeeze in a season. But whatever the season looks like, for it to happen likely means we'll have to lean on RedBird money in a big way.

I think it almost ensures a merger, even if the CFL can pull something off on its own it wont be a full season, that's a hit to revenue they could ill afford. Thus I think Covid finally did to us what it did to XFL 2.0 and only together are either one us gonna ever play another down. Sad but just how it is.

Not saying the CFL managed the situation well, cuz they didn't, but not like Ottawa has been remotely helpful, to say they fumbled would be an understatement, hopefully whatever it is we become with the XFL is the start of glorious new future and not some zombie thing slowly rotting away.

I am hopeful, I think a season will happen and that the merger will be a good thing.

Our officials have already stated we will be full lockdown
Even AFTER vaccination
It is absurd honestly

Also @ZuluMoose no season will happen see below

Read this:

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Right on and that's when I started calling out more of these so-called experts medical or otherwise.

Nope a la the narrative on CNN as one of many, we are not going to get vaccinated AND then stay home and wait without assurance for supposedly more checks coming from the government because either the amount of work is less or our employer is going under if not has already like so many in 2020.

That was much of 2020 in the US, here we are, so no more of that as they have mostly fumbled even the distribution of vaccines for 2 months before finally getting around to it.

When all these experts get the vaccines right and distributed to more people, I'll listen but not any more than that to them right now.

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There's a fine line between 'pre-covid normal' and a state where the virus is in control.

Having to wear masks and still social distance in some areas doesn't mean full lockdown.

As long as hospitalizations can get and stay at a low level and this wave is well managed, I don't think a short season can be ruled out yet.

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If football in Canada changed to an American style of the game, I doubt I’d be a fan. I remember trying to watch a Montreal Machine game....If there is a God, I hope he’s a hoser.


There will be a season, even if its just October and November. There will be something, it will be far from traditional, may even be held in US, who knows, but there will be something even if it is totally fugly

The only way we will be free is if government popularity tanks or someone in public health grows a set

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I doubt that it would be worth it for players to come up in October and November to play for two months pay. Last year they waited month after month and then finally the season was cancelled 1 September.

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The time to grow a set was 14 months ago when Justin failed to do everything possible to keep this thing out of Canada. Justin is no Pierre. Poppa T would have played hardball with this virus and if anybody tried to tell him he cant do that, you know what is answer would have been.


To be fair 14 months ago noone knew what was going on

We had Chinese disinfo plus a bit later some Italians freaking out about the second coming of the plague

But they should have stopped worrying about "case counts" and concentrated on serious illnesses (in particular ICU counts)

Even then though look at the foolishness; Ford says ok next week after Christmas lockdown coming which only forced more people outside to shop a week before


14 months ago I was screaming in my head, and telling my wife, for them to close all international flights and borders. To make very few exceptions and to totally isolate any exceptions. Truckers being the first exception to that. That they did and have continued to let so many people travel into the country, and most not even isolated is the main reason for where we are today.

We were doing well in BC a year ago, and then they started to lift restrictions way too much, way too soon, and I knew then we were in trouble.