Contingency plan?

Just wondering why the CFL commissioner and the League governors failed to come up with an alternative schedule?
When the Pan Am committee informed the Tiger Cats that THF may not be finished by July 26?
It was back in March that they were told to make alternative plans!!

Is it not possible to reschedule two games? instead of playing at Macmaster where not all ticket holders will be accommodated MR. Cohon ? :roll: :thdn:

Playing at MacMaster is the least disruptive alternative, there was no other way to do it. Why penalize Ottawa and Winnipeg for a Hamilton problem. This way Ottawa and Winnipeg play their games as scheduled and the Ticats do get to play at home after a month on the road. The players aren't inconvenienced, the fans in Ottawa and Winnipeg are not inconvenienced and the Hamilton fans get their money back.

Really why not play the games on the visitors field and split the extra income from the games? Young would still get his bailout money and even half the share would be better than 6000 tickets, and the events would be held in CFL caliber stadiums.

The 5000 people who showed up at Ottawas (home) preseason game this year in Regina would be evidence against what you just stated...

Pre-season is a little different. Anyway Mac is a done deal at least for the first two missed games. Not sure what the plan is if they have to miss a third game because at that point Mac will be in full swing of their football training camp.

They should just add the extra 6,000 seats for the first 3 games, then open Tim Hortons Field on Labour Day.

The Tiger-Cats don't count as a national event even though the game would be broadcast nationally across Canada. Go figure. :?

[i]Ron Joyce Stadium features Les Prince Field, is a full size, Canadian football and Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) sized soccer pitch. It is home to both McMaster Football and Soccer.

The stadium is also home to the Hamilton Nationals of Major League Lacrosse. The stadium features 6,000 permanent seats and temporary seating for an additional 6,000 on the other side of the field when needed for national events[/i]

[url=] ... facilities[/url]

Mac has another field with field turf, plus it's only 4 hours, this is a moot point.