Contest/Promotion Idea

I use Twitter to keep up with what's going on with the CFL by searching for the #CFL hashtag. Most people who use it are fans, but there's a small percentage who aren't. One of the more common ways to dig the CFL on Twitter is to say things like "I could make a CFL team." Somehow, I'd doubt that's true. So what I'm thinking is we could round these people up and offer them a chance to practice with a CFL team, or maybe an all-star cast of CFL players, basically, to put their money where their mouths are and show them that the talent in the CFL is quite high, even if it might not be as high as in the NFL. Then, when they show up for practice, we pelt them with footballs as a punishment for being so ignorant.

(Thanks to user goofy for leading the way and giving me the courage to present my own idea for a goofy contest)

(Actually, I'd love to see what happened if we really could round them up and give them a chance practice with some real CFLers.)

ooooohhhhhhh ooooohhhhh ooohhhhh

put them in a blocking drill against Rob Murphy! Or Jiminez!!!! (Make sure the pros get to read the Joe's tweets first!)

Good idea for a reality show.