Contest Pick Geronimo Jones out of the Picture!

I have a ton of jokes I like to say abou tha picture, but they don't relate to the topic, however I give you guys one.

"The Awesome Foursome, and AREN'T THEY AWESOME!!!"


It's not to hard when we can see the jersey numbers. #82 - Nik Lewis - second on from the right.

The guy that's looks like he's abou to starch his *****?

NIk Lewis? That is not Nik that is Geronimo!


On a related note My seats are at approximately the middle of the # 4 in 64, if you keep at the angle that the camera is going.

I don't get it.

Nikolas Lewis wears #82, and has since he came to the league last year.

The Stamps roster doesn't even mention anyone named Jones.

BigDave, "Geronimo" is Nik Lewis' nickname. I don't know where the "Jones" come from, though. And I seriously don't get the point of this thread either. All I can see is redwhite2005 likes Lewis very much and he couldn't find a reason to start a discussion about him, so he posted that. Eh well.

I sort of missed that one actually he got geronimo jones from a comic book. I guess jones is his game face. Who doesn't like Nik?

Although from BC, that looks like the Stamps exiting the dressing room in Winnipeg and just coming onto the field just to the left of the Bombers bench (not in camera range). I just went to a game in Wpg vs BC. It is funny how the visitors dressing room is so close to the home team bench especially as Jamal Johnson who got booted from the game had to leave right by the Bombers who weren't real happy (at least they guys in civies weren't).

I do stand to be corrected though.

That is Taylor field!