Contest for 100th Grey Cup.

OLG , the Feds, David Braley, Bob Young or whoever should have a contest seeing who has written the most in beneficial writings on the CFL over the last so many years. Love to see the Toronto sports writers out of the loop for the million dollar prize. :smiley:

Nah, it wouldn't work. Rogers will sponsor the event and bury the presentation in a basement under Toronto City Hall, and then cut the power to the room. They will get Rob Ford to chair the judging committee.

Along with his judging duties, Mayor Ford will be given the Right of Prima Noctis for all of the Outlying Colonies of Toronto (commonly known as "the rest of Canada"). This right shall be afforded to him because, in the eyes of Rogers, since Toronto is the Centre of the Universe, all other areas are, by definition, colonies of that centre. As Rogers controls that centre, they nominate Mayor Ford as their Governor and Lord, and hence maintain that he is entitled to that right.

:D :D :D Sorry, couldn't resist the urge to imitate some of the more entertaining, if less stable, members of our little community. :D :D :D