Contenders versus Pretenders

Three words: Not even close.

And I thought last week was a blowout? We did this one with our third stringer playing half the game. Hope Dickenson and Pierce get better asap.

Kudos to Joe Smith, Ian Smart, Clermont and Paris Jackson on O.

Props to the entire Dave Ritchie D, they are absolutely unstoppable.

I, like many others expected a very close game, especially with it being in Saskatchewan. The scary part is without all the penalties and our first 2 QB's getting injured, the score could have been a hell of a lot worse.

Props to the Leos, they were the better team tonight. The biggest difference between the two was the Lions held onto the ball and played very well on special teams ( minus the bad snap ).

Offensively, the Lions struggled a bit, I thought Pierce played better than Dickenson and I always hate it when he comes in against the Riders, but even still the Rider defense played very well this game.

Defensively is where the Lions were very good tonight, getting some pressure and causing turnovers. They gave the Leo's Offense a short field all night long.

I thought the Riders played very well defensively tonight, but when the opposing team gets the ball consistently on your 20 or 30 yard line, you can only do so much.

The score really wasn't as indicitive of the way the game went. The Lions were the better team no doubt, but it wasn't a blowout.

I wasn't too impressed with Wally going for it on 3rd down on the 2 with a minute left in the game up 16 points. Take your field goal and seal the game.

A great example of why you have to have more than just a starting QB we have 3 and are deep everywhere else someone goes down and there is someone just as good to fill in. YAY LIONS

I wouldn't proclaim Jackson as the next big thing just yet. He played well enough to preserve the lead but he didn't play spectacular.

Jarius wasn't amazing by anyone's standards but he was so-so. The defence and special teams was pretty-well perfect tonight. Well the score may not be indicative of what happened there, keep in mind that Jarius Jackson played half the game. In my mind it could have been a lot worse.

Riders are a very good team. Definetly going to be a huge challenge the rest of the way for sure. First in the West won't be a cakewalk, that's for sure.

Let me be happy though, I feel as if the Lions haven't even come close to hitting stride on offence yet we are still 3-0, including wins in Toronto and Sask. Looking forward to a great rest of the season in the CFL.

I would agree with that. The scariest part about the Lions is that they've only looked average on offense so far.

Any word on the status of Dickenson or Pierce?

we should of won fauntz drop some big plays one would of been a touchdown other would of led to at least a fg turnover beat us not the lions they were just in the rite spot on the turnovers one was a force turnover the rest were on the riders dropping or overthrowing otherwise riders win

Buono expects both Dickenson and Pierce to be available to play next week. Dickenson felt 'nautious' and they rested him for precautionary reasons. Buck had a bruise on his hand and was ready to play but Wally rested him. Wally said he was confident in Jarius and that the game was in control having a 21-0 halftime lead.

42 - 12. That's all you need to know. Now, please resume your fantasy, if it helps you sleep at night.

Give me some of what you're smoking.

Fantuz did have a couple of drops but a couple of them were because a defender got his hand on the ball. I can sit here all day and think of "ifs" but it doesn't change anything, we lost to a better team tonight.

Fantuz was brutal. I don't care if he 'redeemed' himself in garbage time. The way some people heralded him, these are the tough catches (some weren't tough) he's supposed to make.

Ha ha ha 17 must be your IQ. Seriously you think because Fantuz dropped passes your team lost. And dam it quit talking about dam turnovers I am getting dam hungry! Could it be should I say the word oh what the heck "Cocky"

But wait do I hear the priders jumping off the Fantuz is the greatest thing since slice bread! No not the priders they can not and would not do this! Tell me it is not so!

Fantuz played not so well....

But you know what was crazy? How that Riders had like twice as many net yards that BC.

Yup bring out the stats when you lose. Interesting the Lions had their thrid string QB in there but you might want to forget that right! :lol: :lol: :lol:

That will happen Jman when you're always starting on your own 10 yard line and the other team is always starting on your 30. We had a long field all night long while they had a short one, it's funny how that works.

Neither team had many yards offense at halftime yet they had 21 points. That's the definition of capitalizing on your opportunities.

I can't wait till the Lions hit their stride on offence. Hopefully Dickenson/Pierce are back next game against Hamilton.

Barring a miracle that's going to be an ugly game. Hamilton's offense is far and away the worst in the CFL right now, and their defense aint much better.

The games we are supposed to dominate are always the ones that worry me the most...