Contenders and Pretenders of 2008

Hello everyone! I've been working all over the place including Banff, Whitehorse and Sudbury. Anyways,I'am looking forward to the 08 season and this is how I see it unfolding.
In the West:
Saskatchewan are the defending champions until someone or themselves prove otherwise. But I'am picking the B.C. Lions to finish first, followed closely by Calgary in second. Edmonton,I believe will be a .500 team with the Riders hot on their backside! I believe you'll see all four western teams in the playoffs( Sorry Ro!)I know how you dislike the crossover rule but I support it. RW05, I understand your dislike for Wally but I think he's a heck of a coach and he always finds a way to get the most out of what he has to work with. This is why I believe the Lions will finish first. Calgary hiring Hufnagel was a very smart move and signing Dickenson was,in my opinion very smart! A heck of a backup to Henry. I'am just curious to find out where this leaves Sankey? Very good trade bait to someone. Unlike some on this site I believe the Lions have the best one/two punch at Qb in the league. Edmonton have improved but I'am not so sure how far they can go with Danny boy at the helm. Ricky Ray can't carry the team by himself but they will improve and make the playoffs. Saskatchewan are going though alot of changes and I believe this will hurt them. Can Marcus carry the load? He's a good Qb but I don't see them finishing at 12 and 6 in 08. Too many changes!! They'll compete and be respectable and I wouldn't count them out in the playoffs.
In the East:
Interesting!! On overall talent I'd pick Winnipeg to finish first.(No I'am not being bias)Toronto will be a solid second and Montreal will fight it out with Hamilton for third. Toronto's Qb situation has been solidified, their defense is still their bread and butter but I don't believe they'll be able to compete at a solid level with the western teams or Winnipeg. The Bombers have signed all their important free agents along with a major signing that is suppose to be announced shortly. They are a solid team but they still don't have a Dave Dickenson,Buck Pierce,JJ,Brady,Butler or Bishop to carry the load if Glenn goes down. This could come back to haunt them once again! Montreal will go as Anthony goes. I still believe he has what it takes but I don't believe he will have the supporting cast it will take for him to take this team to the Grey Cup this year. Hamilton's hopes are on the shoulders of Casey Printers. They have not improved enough in other crucial areas to convince me that they'll be a contender this year. I believe they'll improve from last year but it'll be a long shot at best to make the post season in 08.
Perhaps a little early for this kind of talk but what the heck!!! It's football,OUR FOOTBALL!! Nice to be back!


Calgary/Winnipeg Grey Cup

…I’ll buy some of that…



grey cup--- bc/winnipeg There will not be any cross over this year.

Can’t argue too much with your predictions, although I have a different view in the East.

Out West SSK will fight with Edmonton for 3rd, but thanks to Ray, Edmonton will be 3rd.

In the East, I foresee the Argos in 1st, ahead of Winnipeg. The Argos have the best Q.B.'s and the best defence. My Als will have a tough fight with the Cats for 3rd place, provided they improve on the defensive line and M.L.B. Based on announced signings to date, the Als would be in 4th.

The 3rd place team in the East will have a better record than SSK, so no “cross-over”

The Lions over the Argos in the Grey Cup. Let’s hope that Mr.Popp proves me wrong.


Yes, 2001 rematch please! :smiley:

Good post Scotty, Dirt bag Wally is a good coach but not a descent man.

Predictions are hard to come up with because of all the factors that can change in a matter of weeks. The number one qb goes down and that can impact a team greatly.
I will not pick the places of the teams but if they will be improved.

Improved teams for this year:

Hamilton- this may be the year the pieces of the puzzle come together it may be short lived though with Crehan handling the defense but look for the offense to pick its game.

Toronto- They were on a role and I think with Stubler in there this could be even an improvement over the great Pinball (great coach) but a new coach might push this team higher then last year.

Winnipeg- They were a solid football team last year as long as Glenn is healthy they could fight it out for first place no reason why. Glenn goes down then they sink fast.

BC Lions- The team to beat no doubt about it solid in all areas. They may not be improved but status quo.

Edmonton Eskimos- They can only go up and I think they may have the personnel to get into the play offs this year. The only real problem is coaching. DM is not a very good coach and he has proven that. The Eskimos 34 year record went down the tubes. But with the additions on defense and offense they just are going to be a better team not push overs like last year.

Stampeders- They are a real question mark. I believe they improved greatly with the new coaches. This could be the best team of coaches ever assembled in Calgary. The receiving core may have a new addition to supplement a very talented group and could be the strength of the offense. The oline I believe is going to be improved the trade with the riders last year really helped it depend how the new guys fit in to this group. You may even see a rookie or two in this group getting reps. The dline is the question mark. And until they are out of the gate this is the weak area of the stamps. Status quo.

The riders- With Crandell at starting qb is just scary. Will he be the the grounder boy or will this be the year he comes to form. Not sure have been waiting a long time to see his skill and frankly I am one that has doubts he is the answer for the Grey Cup Champions. Their offense with a good QB would no doubt not lose a step. But I hope I am wrong. On defense they have lost some talent and one would hope that that Tillman will find a replacement for Perry and Hunt those two guys were the rider defense in my opinion. Again it depends on how Crandell will perform and the replacements on defense.

Montreal- Wow not sure with these guys a coach with no CFL experience and new coaching staff may not be a big problem .But this is a rebuilt team and at this point not sure where they will place.

Agreed but with a different result!!( Okay that was bias)
05 good points made like usual! Wally never coached in the Peg so I never paid that much attention to him. I just go by his teams records through the years in Montreal,Calgary and B.C. Quite successful to say the least.
The other poster mentioned Toronto first this year. Could very well happen but I'll still pick Winnipeg overall in the east.
Key injuries always play a significant role for every team so no one will ever truly know where any team ends up until early November but it's always interesting to hear everyones opinion on all of the teams before the opening kickoff in game one.
Should be a very competitive year,more so then last year with an improved Edmonton and Hamilton thrown into the mix.

Scotty this year is to difficult to pick each team has made changes that could effect where they may place. Dirt bag Wally is a good coach to a degree successful in the season but at times loses the big ones in the playoffs. The Calgary teams in the 90's were good but they lost several big games. And to me Wally got out coached in them. Winnipeg is a good pick but again depth at QB is a question. I think Taman should have tried to get Sankey he is a good QB that needs a chance even at backup. If Crandell does what I think he will do this year. Sankey might be the answer for the riders. I can tell you even Sankey being a back up is better then Crandell. Of course they could go with a raw rookie but we all know that does not work out. Sankey has had a few years in the league and is a very smart QB. That will be the missing piece of the puzzle for both the Bombers and riders.
JJ and Buck if they play like before should not cause problems for the Lions as long as they show up as vets and not rookies. Both had DD to help them now it is time to see how they do with out DD. The eskimos with RR ahould do well and they have Maas back. DM will have hearts in his eyes.

RW05 I explicitly feel where you are coming from regarding Sankey and the BB trying to get him. BUT I have to disagree. I know everybodies faith in Dinwiddie is shot because he didn’t win the biggest professional game of his absolute first start in a professional game. When you look back at the game, he made some grave mistakes, that honestly may have contributed to the Bomber loss, without me saying the same outright.

I think he did incredibly well for a 2nd QB with VERY LITTLE actual game time, and believe once developed can be a very credible starting QB in this league.

As such, I don’t think it is in the Bomber’s best interest to try 'n grab Sankey, as good as he may be. We got a couple gems coming, especially if Randall is as good as Taman thinks he is. Right now however, I’m Glenn full out, but as a backup I’m incredibly glad Dinwiddie is there learning the offense and holding it down. Can’t explain it, I just have faith.

Are you kidding me? Dinwiddie was fantastic, all things considered. He could have totally embarrassed himself and his team. Instead he stepped up and kept his team well into the game and even gave them a chance to win. The guy was veritable a hero given the circumstances.

Couldn’t agree more, even some Winnipegger want to blame him like he personally broke Glenns arm. He made mistakes, yes, but he tried, and you know he tried. Riders were the better team that day, no shame in that! :smiley:

I am not saying Dinwiddie is a bad choice but it would be much better if you had someone in that second slot that had more experience and allow Dinwiddle a chance to grow with the team. Many teams have been in this spot and it is tough when you get the 1st stringer injured and you have a rookie to step in. The stamps went through several rookies that one year when Burris went down. Yes it is good you give a rookie a chance to play but not when you are in a race to the GC. I believe as it stands now the Bombers who will want to make that push to be in the GC would be far better off with an experienced qb in that second slot do you not agree. I mean if the Bombers had that last year the bomber fans would be hugging the GC.



You can basically interchange the top 3 in the west, any of them can finish first or wind up 3rd. Edmonton, IMO, despite getting some names, really have not improved. Jordan Younger won't have the luxury of playing with a great secondary this year, and it will show.

Montreal is really on a downward slide, and could finish last, but I believe Hamilton has improved enough to challenge the Als for 3rd.

Dinwiddie has alot of potential but I'am like alot of Bomber supporters, I'd really like to see an experienced backup on the roster to support Glenn if he runs into trouble. The problem is getting Dinwiddie the playing time he needs to become a solid backup. Pretty difficult!! I'd like to see Sankey in the Peg but then where would Dinwiddie factor in?? Tough choices to be sure but I'd like to see Sankey in Blue and Gold. We've been snake bitten a few too many times as it is. Toronto could still end up having a Qb controversy which could cause some problems for them. I think Hamilton has a pretty good up and coming star in this league with Williams. It all makes for an interesting training camp for all the teams,certainly as far as the Qb positions are concerned. Some teams are set and some are still fishing.

Seems to me Dinwiddie has had some pretty intense playing time already - like an entire game vs the best competition in the league.

If he’s not ready now he may never be. I think he’s ready to at least be a full time backup. Timmy Chang he’s not.

You did notice he lost the game right. :lol:

Well Dinwiddle can get playing time and one more year under his belt at a learning position would do him a world of good. I think throwing him in if Glenn goes down is still a bit earlyin the learning curve.

Good picks there sambo. But I would not under estimate the eskimos who have improved some what. I look at the QB's and pick from there out of the four western teams who has the weakest qb. And then depth at qb. You have to factor in the amount of change into the mix and right now only BC is good in all catagories I mentioned above.

Calgary has an edge over the riders depth at QB and I believe hank is a better QB then Crandell. The changes are basically the same but the riders have it better in the oline. Coaching has changed for both teams.

Edmonton- Is improved in all areas except coaching. They just might leap frog the riders and Stamps.

As I have pointed out to others regarding the young Rider QBs, the same goes for Mr. Dinwiddie. It is year 3. He is not a rookie. Most QBs are at minimum part time starters by the time the third year rolls around. Guys who can't get it done by then tend more to the Rockky Butler or Marcus Brady group--career back-ups, as opposed to becoming stars.
The only projected starters this year who did not get significant playing time by their third year in the league, are Marcus Crandell and Kevin Glenn. Glenn of course had some starts even in his rookie year, but not much playing time, but he would have received playing time year 3 had he not injured his thumb.
So this is the year for Dinwiddie. If he isn't ready to play now, he may never be. Now when Calgary releases Sankey, he might still be a decent 3rd stringer for Winnipeg....I'd be very surprised if the Riders are interested in Sankey at all.

Anyway, I will ditto Sambo's predictions. I think that is how I called them on an earlier thread, and not much has happened to change my mind.
Winnipeg, BC and Toronto are the class of the league, with Calgary and the Riders middle of the pack, followed by the best of the rest fighting for the last play-off spot. The Riders have dropped off on paper, but should still be better than Calgary which has not gotten better. Now it comes down to which teams find that diamond in the rough in TC that can alter the status quo, plus which teams gel and which do not.