contender or pretender?

On paper, a contender is every team that qualifies for playoffs. But in previous 7 years, the only champions have been those with at least 5 or more wins in second half of season. 5 of 7 champions were among the hottest teams. If that trend continues, true contenders are BC (7 wins), Calgary (7) and Montreal (5). Therefore false pretenders are Toronto (4), Saskatchewan (4) and Edmonton (2).

I'd say that's about accurate. I've thought for a while now that either the Lions, the Stampeders or the Alouettes would win it.

I agree that either B.C. or Calgary will win the GC but I have a feeling it will be Toronto & not Montreal that will represent the East.

BC will win it all. I predicted this before the preseason opener. But I also predicted they would be playing against Hamilton...
I do know that my Riders won't make it to the big dance....

Keep in mind that although Edmonton only won 2 games in the second half, 5 of those games were decided by 9 points in total, less than 2 points per game. The 5 games that were decided by less than a field goal were 3 games against Calgary (all decided by a field goal attempt on the final play), one game against B.C. (decided by a late field goal), and one game against Montreal (decided on final play). Edmonton with a bit of luck could be at the top of the heap.

SASK, TOR, EDM, and HAM have made some major roster overhouls this season. whe doing that it usaully takes at least season to fill holes that were left or take more time to gel as a team. leaving BC, CAL, and MON as clear favs having most of there key personal in place. Montreals Offense is still in check and special teams Kicker wHyte back. The denfense made a system change but many of the key players returned. Calfary although with many injuries have the key personal in plae and was able to have a vet QB able to manage the offense.
Sask has made major strides but it took them 2/3 of the season to get the team they want in place. The biggest hole for them is a place kicker.
Toronto hole is on the O line where there are three holes right up the middle with the Gs and C.
Edm simply needs a QB. I still think that Mcpherson will be given the job if he signs with EDM as all of the rest of the pieces are in place.
Hamilton has had an outstandin offensive season but with new coaches the defense has a lot of ? marks.
All four of them time to shine may be next year but dont count any of them out.
Winnioeg will begin to make a complete overhaul and the QB question needs to be figured out.