Conte Cuttino?

5'11 200 lb Runningback out of Stony Brook, found his video on youtube where he thinks he'll be a Tiger-Cat, was posted yesterday so his workout wasn't too long ago. He seems to think he "killed" it.

Here are some highlight videos.

And an article that shows how much Jets fans seem to like him.

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Very impressive, if brought here we'd have a deadly duo in the return game and a very threatening running game once again.Time will tell.

He looks nice, runs hard and can catch.
These next two games are going to be huge for Cobb.

He posted a bit about his workout on twitter:

"it's the Hamilton Tiger Cats I'm working on the contract with that looks very promising to get done soon."

Sounds like were ready to pick him up?

Or he's jumping the gun? Hope not, cause he looks pretty good in those videos. Elusive, good moves, good speed, although hard to tell without knowing how fast the opposition is. Almost every rookie seems to have the same comment when they hit the pros: "What surprised me most was the speed."

Wonder what his agent thinks of him breaking silence like this. Sounds like he did the same thing when he tried out at the Jets' mini camp.

Too bad about that "See me in the NFL soon" comment. With any luck, once he gets here (assuming he gets the contract and isn't dropped a week later), he sees the benefits of staying in the CFL and sticks around. Unfortunately, the big bucks are south of the border, and we've lost a lot of good ones to that call.

Looks like he could be the guy.MB described the mystery RB as a guy who's fresh out of college and couldn't crack on NFL squad (Cuttino), Cuttino made a video talking about how great he did and he's been talking all week about how Obie and his agent are talking and he hopes to get signed soon.

Sorry, but when was MB talking about a mystery runningback?

Nevermind, i just listened to the Tiger-Cats show.

Certainly does sound like Conte.

It's official - he's a Tiger Cat. I hope he's more than another Cobb/Thigpen type running back.

Hopefully we can get this guy on the active roster asap.

Meh...No offence, and no pun intended, but neither Stony Brook nor the Big South are exactly known for their football prowess! Here's hoping for a pleasant surprise!

I was hoping he would be at practice today, but just read his twitter and he was at home watching the Jets last night so unless he got on a plane right after that im guessing not.

If he ever does get into a game, do you think the coaches will use him as a backup and give him 1 handoff and 1 pass (Thigpen's avg. per game) or will they go all out and give him the real full load as a starter (4 handoffs and 1 pass) like they gave Cobb against MTL?

Don't cloud the issue with facts! Making valid points is usually frowned upon around here.

they will give him what Cobb is getting, about 12 carries a game.
118 carries / 10 games.

Don't matter how good he is if the O line can't do their job.

Well if he gets a shot we will know the answer to the O line or Cobb question.

And your point is..... :slight_smile:

I hope so too. And not just as another blocker like they did with Cobb in Montreal.... :roll: Maybe some, like, real running plays?

Yes, you may be right that we might discover the truth about Cobb if Cuttino gets some reps. Unless he IS another Cobb.... :expressionless: