Conte Cuttino Cut

Conte Cuttino cut according to Drew.

My guess is he got injured, he looked good the first few days.

Only the team knows for sure right now. Maybe an injury, ability, attitude, etc. At the elite level the margin between making the team and not can be slight.

Not a Big Surprise I really was not that impressed with Cuttino
Glenn Milner I've like better in Camp but who knows
what the Teams Wants
I like to see huge Wrecking Ball for inside runs.

Plus, Milner is three years younger. With Cobourne and Thigpen established, Cuttino was effectively competing for a reserve spot here.

Not surprised he got cut, so soon is surprising. Has to be some undisclosed factors.....I think. :?

In the second practice (rookie one) Cuttino ended up dropping/fumbling the football 3 times and Coach Bellefeuille yelled at him after the 3rd time and Conte actually gave his coach attitude and argued he was down on the play. Bellefeuille replied with "the play is not over until you hand a coach or the ball boy the ball."

After that little argument I knew his days were numbered, Milner and Grant have been way more consistent in the practices I watched. We already have Thigpen, and Cuttino is the exact same back but had questionable hands and apparently an attitude problem..

Seen this one coming, too bad he couldn't keep his attitude/temper in check. He could have been a decent returner.

Thanks for sharing this observation, but thanks also for not making a lot of noise about it while Cuttino was still with the team. As fans, we often like to point fingers at players, but especially in the heat of training camp, I think there's a risk of fans blowing some things out of proportion. Players will get a hard enough time from the coaches, so I think as fans it behooves us the cut the players a wee bit of slack, even when we think the writing is on the wall. Your observation is enlightening in hindsight, and I think it was classy of you to refrain from posting it until now.

Drew said Cuttino was released due to improper tweeting. He tweeted injury information that the team didn't want released and certainly didn't want players releasing.

Weiner yesterday, Cuttino today. Twitter can be a career-ender.

There's the spec article, seems he was posting injury information.

[url=] ... ide-tweets[/url]

Many in Athletics have learned this the hard one :roll:
Tweeting can get you in Trouble..

Not just athletics. Not just Twitter.

Thats exactly why I didn't post it earlier, I know some of the people here love "blowing some things out of proportion". I was just waiting for him to be released before I posted this to avoid that exact reaction. If he made the team I would have let it go unmentioned..

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Heh, I remember someone on the forum posted that pic. I didn't think they'd mind if I used it. I'm trying to make one for every team, although I'm using ms paint.

I had fun creating it, and laughed when I saw it again.

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This was a pretty lame thing to cut the guy for. He was showing respect to a team mate who lost his job due to injury. If the team didn't like it they could have said something to him and I'm sure he wouldn't have done it again.

I feel sorry for the kid, but he did it twice and he (and the rest of the team) were clearly told this was not to be done. Not a smart move on his part and hopefully it's a good life lesson for him. Posting this kind of sensitive information without team approval is (obviously) not a good move.

He released information about an injury that had not yet been released. Rules are rules, you can't start making exceptions for something you stressed as being unacceptable just a few days earlier.

He had to be told that this was not to be done ???

Gee, I hope the coaching staff, when they released him, told him not to cross the street against a red light. . .